Where to Buy Bulk School Supplies and Kits

School supplies are costly, and whether you’re a teacher or a parent, these expenses come around each and every year. Sure, a few pencils don’t cost much, but between pencils, pens, notebooks, duotangs, pencil cases, backpacks, and art supplies, it all adds up. Purchasing bulk school supplies can save parents, teachers, and schools hundreds of dollars. And the best part? You don’t need to step foot in a store.

Learn how to bulk order school supplies, including the benefits of buying kits and the best places to buy bulk school supplies for teachers and parents.



The Benefits of Bulk School Supplies

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Save Money

The most important—and obvious—benefit to buying school supplies in bulk is the money you save. Bulk school supplies can be purchased for a fraction of in-store prices. For example, you might pay $2-5 for one package of pencils (approx. 40 cents per pencil), but when you buy in bulk, you can purchase 250 pencils for $40 (approx. 16 cents per pencil.) The more expensive the item, the more money you will save. An individual backpack can cost anywhere from $15-40, but in bulk, they cost as little as $3 per backpack.

The key is ensuring you’re actually going to use the entirety of the bulk purchase. This usually isn’t an issue for schools and teaches, but it could be for parents.

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    Save Time

    Shopping takes time, especially when you need to physically go to a store to make your purchases. Bulk buying gets you the supplies you need all at once, so you don’t need to go back and forth between stores multiple times a year.

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      Order Online

      Bulk school supplies can all be ordered online. With a few clicks and a credit card number, you’ll have your supplies shipped directly to your home or school. No need to worry about opening hours, physical distancing lines, or waiting at the checkout.



        What Are Bulk School Supply Kits?

        Bulk school supply kits bundle school supplies into kits for individual students. Instead of buying 100 pencils or 40 glue sticks at once, school supply kits conveniently package everything a single student needs together.

        Compared to the cost of purchasing each item individually from a retailer, bulk school supply kits are ridiculously cheap. They range in price from around $2 - $20 per kit, depending on what’s included and how many kits are purchased.

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        A minimal $2 school supply kit might include:

        • 2 Pencils
        • 2 Pens
        • 1 Eraser
        • 1 Pencil sharpener
        • 4 Crayons
        • 1 Pencil case 
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          A $4 school supply kit might include:

          • 3 Pencils
          • 3 Pens
          • 2 Erasers
          • 5 Crayons
          • 1 Pencil sharpener
          • 1 Glue stick
          • 1 Highlighter
          • 1 Notebook
          • 1 Folder
          • 1 Ruler
          • 1 Pencil case
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            A large $12 school supply kit might include:

            • 5 Pencils
            • 4 Pens
            • 6 Erasers
            • 2 Notebooks
            • 4 Folders
            • 1 Glue stick
            • 1 Ruler
            • 1 Pair of scissors
            • 1 Box of crayons
            • 1 Box of pencil crayons
            • 1 Pencil sharpener
            • 1 Pencil case
            • 1 Backpack


                School supply kits are ideal for schools, children's groups, groups of parents, or making school supply donations to those in need.



                How to Buy Bulk School Supplies Cheaply

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                Don’t Buy More Than What You Need

                The key to bulk school supply shopping is ensuring you only purchase what you need. It may be a good deal to buy 250 pencils for $40, but as a parent or an individual school teacher, you probably don’t need that many. Storing more than what you need for a year or two when you know you will use it is okay, but no one needs to buy 20 years’ worth of pencils all at once, even if it is a good deal.

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                  Order As A Group

                  Ordering as a group can get you the low prices you want without getting way more than you need. Teachers may want to consider making group purchases with other teachers to get the best price available.

                  Parents can team up with other parents to make bulk purchases. Consider buying bulk school supplies or kits as a group with neighbors, clubs, sports teams, your church, or other communities you belong to.



                    larry says

                    Make it a charitable endeavor! For the low cost of school supply kits, you can turn your bulk order into a fundraiser. Bump up the price of each school kit by a few dollars per person in order to give back some of your savings to a meaningful cause. You can also set up a “one for me, one for someone in need” system, donating every second kit to someone who can’t afford new supplies.



                    Best Place to Buy Bulk School Supplies

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                    Bulk School Supply Kits From Bags in Bulk

                    Bags in Bulk sells a range of bulk school supplies, including premade school supply kits. They must be bought in boxes of 24 kits with prices ranging from $1.25 - $8.00, depending on what’s included in the kits and how many boxes are purchased. 

                    Bulk School Supply Kits:

                    Bulk School Supplies:

                      backpacks usa logo

                      Bulk School Supply Kits From Backpacks USA

                      Backpacks USA carries a selection of bulk backpacks and school supply kits. They must be ordered in boxes of 24 kits and range in price from $2 - $20, depending on what’s included in the kit, how many are ordered, and the quality of the backpack.

                      Bulk School Supply Kits:

                      Bulk Backpacks:

                      Backpacks USA also sells a variety of other bulk supplies, including school hygiene kits and care packages for the homeless.

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                        Individual School Supply Kits

                        While you won’t save nearly as much money, there are some savings and convenience to be found when purchasing individual school supply kits. Amazon sells a few different bundles that will keep you out of stores and get you everything you need for the start of school with one simple purchase.

                         Individual School Supply Kits:

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                          Bulk Art Supplies for Teachers

                          Quill.com has a selection of bulk art supplies available online. They carry everything from watercolor paint to Crayola markers to crafting supplies. The bulk pricing is perfect for classrooms that eat through art supplies or parents purchasing art supplies for groups, clubs, or churches.

                          Bulk Art Supplies:

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                            Bulk School Supplies From Blue Summit Supplies

                            Currently, we don’t sell bundled school supply kits, but we do sell an assortment of bulk school supplies for classrooms and at-home learning. Here are some of our favorite Blue Summit Supplies products for students. 

                            Bulk Supplies From Blue Summit Supplies:



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