Dry Erase Lapboard Storage Guide For the Classroom, Home, and Office

Lapboards are ideal for classrooms and group learning activities. These small, portable, and reusable whiteboards make it easy to cut down on excess paper waste. Learn, draw, doodle, and erase as many times as you like. When choosing how to store dry erase lapboards, consider if they will touch each other, how many you need to store, and how often they will be used.


Lapboard Storage Options

Book Bins

Book bins are plastic bins meant for storing books. They come in a variety of colors and sizes. When purchasing book bins for lapboards, make sure the book bin’s length is large enough to fit at least the shortest side of the lapboard.

Book bins aren’t very expensive, but they do have a couple of downsides. Lapboards stored in book bins will always touch each other, and there’s a risk of them toppling over if they aren’t stored against a wall or inside a cupboard.


book bins


File Rack 

File racks are perfect for storing dry erase boards because they have designated slots that keep each board separate. This means if you need to keep what was last drawn on the board, it won’t be rubbed off by touching other lapboards.

Keep in mind that whiteboard surfaces can become stained if dry erase ink is left on for too long. 

Ensure you have enough desk, table, or shelf space for the file rack. If you don’t use the lapboards very often, consider storing the file rack inside of a cupboard to prevent dust from collecting.



File rack


Wall File Rack

Wall file racks will free up your desk or cupboard space, but they do require a wall area that you can mount the file rack on. They are great for dry erase boards because the slots will keep the lapboards separate from each other. Just make sure each slot is large enough for the shortest edge of the lapboard, or look for file racks that have open ends so that any size lapboard will fit.



wall file rack



Dish Rack

Dish racks ensure plates are separated from each other while drying and they’ll do the same for lapboards. Dish racks will hold your boards separate from each other as well as other items if you need to store them for a short while with whatever was last drawn on. Unlike other options that may require customization or a special online order, dish racks are very easy to find. They are an economical solution since you can find them for as little as a few dollars from a dollar store.


dish rack


Lapboard Holders 

If you have the budget available, you can purchase holders that are specifically designed for storing lapboards. You won’t find these items at any old store, but you can order them online. Holders designed for whiteboards generally have added storage for dry erase markers or dry erasers, making them a handy classroom or office tool.

Consider where you might store a lapboard holder since you may need to clear some desk space for it. It’s important to keep in mind that if lapboards are stored out in the open and seldom used, they will begin to collect dust.


lapboard holder


Hanging Lapboards

Hanging a lapboard requires a little bit of DIY work. You’ll need to attach a string or ribbon loop securely to the back of the board. Consider if you would like the boards to hang vertically or horizontally. Hanging dry erase boards keeps them visible at all times. Hang multiple lapboards to fill the wall of a classroom or office. With creative layouts and labels, a lapboard wall will become a focal point of the space—perfect for notes, tasks, artwork, and other designs.


hanging lapboards



Lapboard Care

cleaning icon

Cleaning Dry Erase Boards

When dry erase ink is allowed to remain on a whiteboard for an extended period of time, the whiteboard will stain. Even after a thorough cleaning, you may still make out the ghostly impressions of brainstorming sessions past. And cleaning a stained dry erase board is tough.

The best way to keep a dry erase board looking like new is to clean it regularly. That being said, there are several occasions when you may need to leave a diagram, meeting notes, or special instructions on a whiteboard for an amount of time that’s less than ideal.

In these cases, the best cleaning solution is 90%+ isopropyl alcohol, as an alcohol content of less than 90% won’t be particularly effective. Use it sparingly, as too much can erode the coating of your whiteboard.


💡 We tested eight different cleaning solutions to find out which is the best for cleaning whiteboards. Learn about the various methods of cleaning whiteboards and how to return them to a ‘like-new’ condition.


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