Welcome to your new favorite office supply store

At Blue Summit Supplies, we’re disrupting the status quo. We’re doing away with the bloated, outdated practices of the traditional office supply industry to focus instead on simplicity. Our company’s purpose-driven model and lean manufacturing methods have been carefully engineered to directly feed the extraordinary value we’re able to provide you, our customers.

Watch the Blue Summit Supplies Brand Story

Curious about what it’s like to work with us? At Blue Summit Supplies, we’re all about remarkably low prices, definitively high-quality products, and the best customer service possible. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out this dramatic reenactment of what it’s like to be a Blue Summit Supplies customer starring super-customer Nance, our CEO Owen, and Larry the girl dog.

It all began with a Frenchie and a few boxes of envelopes

After encountering office supply store sticker shock one too many times, our founder and CEO Owen Franklin decided to do something about it. He began to dissect how office supply pricing worked, only to find something ‘just wasn’t right.’

“People are truly getting ripped off here,” he realized. He didn’t understand why things were done a certain way – a way which offered minimal tangible value to customers – so he began tinkering and experimenting with a process of his own. He played around with more efficient supply chain strategies and forged new supplier relationships, which enabled him to work directly with competitive factories all over the world.

The wheels began to turn

The wheels began to turn, the idea gained traction, and the task became one of scaling up. Owen’s business was growing, and he wanted to grow it further. He wanted his fight for better value to benefit as many customers as possible.

Armed with the guidance and support of his wife and mentors, Owen made it his mission to reinvent the way business was done in the office supply industry. He launched Blue Summit Supplies in 2016 with his first order of 500 boxes of envelopes. From there, he spent countless hours working from his couch to build the brand from scratch – with his faithful French bulldog, Larry, always at his side.

Building a culture of innovation and top-notch service

Owen’s background as a rocket engineer gives him the edge when it comes to innovative problem solving, improving processes, and prioritizing efficiency. Under his leadership, our team is constantly experimenting with ways to combine the modern convenience, fast shipping speeds, and low prices of internet storefronts with the genuine warmth and human touch of local mom-and-pop shops.

The bottom line is this: we’re able to pass on dramatic cost savings directly to you, our customers. And you never have to compromise on customer service.

This is just the beginning

Fast forward to 2023. Blue Summit Supplies is now a rapidly growing startup operation with a promising future. We’ve grown and expanded from Owen’s living room couch – right into our third and largest location at the bustling Campus 805 in Huntsville, Alabama. Larry still comes to work with Owen every day, and as our official Chief Happiness Officer, it’s no secret she plays the most important role on our expanding team.

Don’t hesitate to contact us at larry@bluesummitsupplies.com if there’s anything we can do for you. We know we’re nothing without our customers, and your happiness is of the utmost importance to every single one of us (especially Larry). Thanks for supporting Blue Summit Supplies!

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