Clipboard Storage Guide for the Classroom, Home, and Office

Clipboards are sturdy, convenient tools that help to manage a range of events and logistics around the classroom, home, and office. Clipboards were invented around 1908 by George Henry Hohnsbeen, and have been in wide use ever since.

They are used for such a wide variety of activities in schools, households, and offices that you may find you have several clipboards in use at once. When they aren’t being used, they need to be stored. When choosing how to store clipboards, you should consider how many need to be stored and how often they will be used.

Clipboard Storage Options

Magazine File Boxes

Magazine file boxes are the perfect size for clipboards. They often have a space for a label on the front (shorter) side so that you can organize multiple items by subject, project, or task. They come in all sorts of colors and are made from either paper or plastic.

You can use the different colors of magazine boxes for added organization. Teachers can color code based on class or subject, and office workers can color code based on clients or urgency. 

A downside to magazine file boxes is that they can only hold a few clipboards in each one. Lighter paper file boxes may tip over from the weight of clipboards if they aren't leaning against something else.


magazine bins


Book Bins

Book bins are very similar to magazine file boxes. They are made from plastic and come in a variety of colors. They are perfect for storing books and can hold clipboards, too. They work great on a shelf or in a cupboard because there’s no risk of the clipboards falling over.


book bins


Milk Crates

Milk crates are so effective at clipboard storage, they almost seem made for it They can hold several at once, so they work great for classrooms or anyone who needs to store many clipboards. To maximize the space inside the milk crates, alternate between right side up and upside down.

If you need to organize clipboards based on any sort of topic or task, you may want to consider a smaller receptacle.


milk crates


Dish Rack

Dish racks are designed for holding plates which makes them the right size for holding clipboards. Many standard dish racks look like they were made for clipboards. These are ideal for clipboard storage on a budget since you can easily purchase dish racks from a dollar store.


dish rack


Clipboard Holder 

If you’re looking for something a little bit fancier, a clipboard holder is designed to store all of your clipboards in one place while keeping them conveniently accessible. The spacious slots mean you can easily see what each clipboard holds before you pull one out. They look great on a desk in an office, or in a classroom.

If you don’t use your clipboards very often, you should consider a storage option that’s less out in the open to avoid collecting dust and dirt.


Clipboard Holder


Double Clipboard Holder 

A double clipboard holder is just what it sounds like. Take your clipboard holder and double it on the other side. They can hold a lot of clipboards, but that means they also require a lot of surface space. Only use a double clipboard holder if you use a variety of clipboards regularly; otherwise, they will collect dust over time.


double clipboard holder


Hanging Clipboard

If you only have one to a few clipboards to store, hanging them on a wall or other surface with a hook is a good option. You can attach removable sticky hooks to a wall or the side of a desk. If the hook isn’t the perfect size for the clipboard, you can knot a string or ribbon through the clipboard hole and hang it from there.

For classrooms, you can hang clipboards for each student on the side of each desk.


hanging clipboards



Hanging Clipboard Wall Gallery

Create a clipboard wall gallery if you need or want to hang many clipboards. Galleries of clipboards can fill a wall and give you easy access to clipboards whenever you need them. Consider a wall gallery for classrooms or common spaces in offices. Add labels so that you and everyone else knows where to put each clipboard back when they return it.

You can also use clipboard wall galleries to hang art or photos.


clipboard gallery

Photo Source



Clipboard Care

Label the Back

Label clipboards so people know whose is whose or where they should be returned to. You can use scotch tape on the back or permanent marker to label a name, location, or business. 

Get creative when labeling clipboards by using ribbons to color code or to tie on name tags. Use Washi tape to distinguish between boards and to add some extra color.


label clipboards


Clipboard Storage Vs. Storage Clipboard

When looking for storage options, don’t confuse clipboard storage with a storage clipboard. Clipboard storage will give you a place to keep your clipboards. Storage clipboards, on the other hand, are clipboards that have an added pouch underneath the board section for storing items such as pens, extra paper, and anything else you might require while on the go. Plus, they’re excellent at keeping those other items dry if you get caught in the rain.


storage clipboard


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