The Best Pencil Cases

In the wide world of office supplies and accessories, pencil cases are often overlooked. But if you’re here looking for the best pencil cases on the market today, you know that pencil cases can be awesome and there are so many features to consider when picking the perfect one for your needs. Our comprehensive guide will help you find the best pencil case for you!

And by the way, if you happen to have landed here and don’t think pencil cases are awesome — perhaps you think they belong on a grade school supply list and nowhere else — have we got news for you! Pencil cases have come a long way since the second grade. There are so many different varieties and features and designs, we’re bound to find one that suits you! 



What features to look for in pencil case 

hard vs. soft

Hard vs Soft 

It’s fairly intuitive that a pencil case will be made of hard material while a pencil pouch with be made of something softer, often fabric. A hard pencil case will often snap shut and is best for protecting its contents from wear and tear. A soft pencil pouch will often have a zipper closure and is best if you need flexibility with your storage. We’ll help you find the best case or the best pencil pouch for you. 



If you’re transporting expensive pens and styluses or other equipment that you don’t want damaged, you will probably want a pencil case that boasts a protective outer shell. Some cases even claim to have anti-fall and anti-scratch technology. 


Large Capacity 

We all know someone who always seems to show up to meetings with a hundred different types of pens and pencils. If that person is you, make sure to look for cases and pouches with large capacity as a feature.

compartment icon


A pencil pouch with compartments is always a good idea, especially if you carry around lots of different supplies. Built in compartments will help you keep them all organized. You’ll find that cases with multiple layers — like a three-layer pencil case — fall into this category, while being handy and compact.

window icon

Clear Window 

This one is self-explanatory. If you like to have a view of your supplies at hand, consider getting a pencil pouch with a clear window. 

binder storage

Binder Storage

A ring binder pencil case can be especially helpful for students who need their case attached to their school notes. Although that’s not to say that adults won’t find this feature equally useful! A ring binder pencil case will typically have three holes on one side so that it can easily fit over the rings of a binder.



Best Pencil Cases by User

Working Professional 

gray case

This pencil case is multi-functional, sturdy, high-capacity, and looks really sleek and professional. With the capacity for 35-45 pens and pencils, this case also has a zippered pouch for other gadgets and a hard outer shell to protect against falls as well as the elements. And another great feature: Aiscool offers after-sale support to their customers for whatever issues you may have. You’ll definitely look like you have your stuff together when you roll up to a meeting with one of these. 

gold case

Looking for something a bit more high-end? This one is on the pricey side, but it’s snazzy enough to warrant the price tag. The Midori brass case has a nice, slim profile (1.97 x 0.71 x 6.69 inches) which can easily slip into a briefcase or laptop bag. Definitely use this case if you have a few treasured writing implements that you want to treat nicely. And the flashiness of that shiny brass case is certainly a bonus. 


plaid case

This uniquely designed pencil pouch is perfect for students with its variable storage spaces, compartments and capacity. While it can fit around 50 pens or pencils, this pouch is also conveniently sized to fit most calculators, scissors, and note cards. Plus, the looped handle on the side makes this case easy to hook onto a backpack and tote to class. But best of all, this pouch comes in a variety of fun colors and patterns, suitable to every taste! 

colorful case

If it’s a younger student you’re shopping for, these pencil boxes will do the trick! These colorful and durable, large capacity boxes come in sets of four that conveniently snap together into one stack. The lids of each individual box also snap securely shut, perfect for containing pencils, crafts, glue, and more. This is a great option for keeping your little one’s supplies in order.


artist case

Artists will often find themselves in need of a good colored pencil case, and for that, the Qianshan case is a great choice. This model can hold a whopping 202 colored pencils in organized multi-layers and is perfect for all your artistic needs. The elastic slot bands can adjust to fit different kinds of art supplies, like thick markers or sculpting tools. And the sturdy polyester cover comes in lots of fun design options, like unicorns or pirates! Avast! 

wrap case

Maybe you want a pencil case with the colored pencils included! If that sounds like your cup of tea, check out this uniquely designed roll up pencil case, able to fit 72 pencils! This beautiful canvas wrap also includes a sharpener, eraser, and a pencil extender. 



navy case

This sleek pencil case can hold between 10 and 20 pens or pencils, but what makes this case interesting is that it can transform into both a pencil cup and a phone stand, with magnets creating a sturdy base. It’s perfect for those who always need their phone at the ready!  


Want to keep your iPad pencil secure with your other, low-tech pencils? Look no further! We love the streamlined, techie look of this case, which has convenient compartments for your pencils as well as chargers and cables. The durable, water-resistant exterior makes it easy to slip into a laptop or messenger bag so you can head off to your fancy technology job we’re sure you have.  



Best Pencil Cases By Type

Affordable and functional  

BSS case

It’s no contest; for affordable and functional, the Blue Summit Supplies plastic pencil case is a clear winner! Keep your classroom or craft room clean with this hard plastic pencil box 4 pack. The translucent case makes it easy to keep track of your supplies and is great for school, home, or office organization. And be sure to check out the colored, glittery version of this box that we just can’t live without!


pig case

Who says pencil cases can’t be fun!? This awesome, silicone pencil case, which can hold up to 15 pens and pencils, can actually convert into a stand-up pencil cup by pressing the bottom down onto a desk or other flat surface. And although it has nothing to do with its convertibility, we’re smitten with this particular case because it comes in ten adorable animal designs, including a dog, bear, pig, parrot, and more! (Lihit also makes non-animal stand up cases, but come on, we all know the animals are more fun.)

High capacity 

high capacity case

One of the most highly-reviewed, high-capacity pencil cases on Amazon, this BTSKY case can hold up to 72 pens and pencils with detachable interior sleeves for maximum organization. And for such a large case, it actually feels quite compact with a convenient carrying handle on top. 

Wacky and Fun  

monster case

Move over boring pencil cases…it’s the monster’s time to shine! We love this monster zipper pouch, whose teeth are made of the zipper, because the entire case is actually one long zipper! This clever design can unzip all the way until it’s just a spool of zipper. Get ready to receive endless compliments on this wacky, fun, pencil-carrying pal. Available in tons of fun colors!


minimalistic case

For the minimalists among us, who prefer to only carry a few implements rather than the whole craft store, this Jim King pencil case is perfect. With a subtle magnetic flap, it can attach to your notebook and come along for the ride, blending seamlessly into any style.


leather case

For some, it’s all about the aesthetic! If that’s you, then look no further than this beautiful handcrafted leather pencil case. The product description boasts, "The vintage design and artisanal craftsmanship oozes quality,” and we couldn’t agree more. But even better, this case also has a matching laptop bag so you can complete the look! Form + function = perfection.


Portable, convenient, and oftentimes a lot of fun, a good pencil case is a must-have for office workers, students, and artists alike. What’s your favorite pencil case? Do you know of a good one we may have missed? Tell us your favorite in the comments below! Happy pencil case-ing!


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