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Ways to Use Your Corkboard: DIY Tips and Tricks

May 17, 2019

Ways to use your Corkboard: DIY tips and tricks

Whether you are at the office or at home, corkboards are a helpful tool to have around. They’re extremely functional as they come, but sometimes it’s nice to have more than just a plain brown board hanging in your office. This is why we put together some corkboard DIYideas to make your corkboard a little more exciting.

DIY Corkboard Ideas

There are lots of different ways to DIY a push pin boardand make it more personal. Here are a few corkboard ideas for workor home. Whatever your corkboard usesare, these tips will help you make them beautiful.

Make a fabric cover.

Making a fabric cover is one of the simplest ways to personalize your corkboard to fit your vibe.


How to Cover a Corkboard with Fabric

Step 1: Measure your corkboard. Measure the length and the width of your corkboard, as well as the edge. This ensures you have plenty of fabric to cover the whole board. 

Step 2: Pick out a fabric! This is the fun part. Choose a fabric you know you’ll love and that fits your décor style. Be sure to choose a fabric that isn’t too busy, otherwise you’ll be overwhelmed by your corkboard before you’ve even posted anything on it.

Step 3: Cut the fabric to fit your board. Even though you’ve measured the board, give yourself an extra inch allowance so that it can cover the whole board and still reach the back. It’s always better to have too much than too little.

Step 4: Fold the fabric evenly. Hold the fabric tight across the front of the board and fold one side of the fabric down over the edge. Make sure there aren’t any folds or crinkles in the fabric. Then, take the adjacent side and fold the fabric over. If there is any excess fabric, you can choose to cut it off or fold it back.

Step 5: Attach the fabric. You have several different options for attaching the fabric to the board. You can go old school and use hot glue or a stapler, but you also have the options to use a spray adhesiveto attach your fabric. If you use the adhesive spray, spray it directly on the front of the board before you  place the fabric on it (Step 4). Again, watch out for any wrinkles. If you want to use a hot glue gun or a stapler, you’ll need to attach the fabric from the back. Start at each of the four corners, and then, if needed, add more staples or glue around the edge.

Frame Your Corkboard


framed corkboard

A framed corkboardis a really simple option for adding a little spice to your wall at home or in the office. You can, of course, buy pre-framed corkboards, but there’s something special about being able to make it look exactly how you want it to.

The process of framing your own corkboard is completely up to you. You can reuse old frames from pictures or mirrors.You can make your own frameout of scrap wood. Even old newspaper can be repurposedto make a beautiful framed corkboard.

Photo Source 



Turn Your Corkboard into Wall Art

This is a fun option because you get to create your corkboard to your exact tastes!

painted corkboard art
Paint it. Whether you want a solid color or a design, you choose. This truly makes your board your own.
    Photo Source


      cut corkboard art
      Cut the corkboard. You can buy a cork wall covering roll, which is just the cork part of the board. With the cork board wall covering, you can cut the cork out into different shapes and sizes and arrange them however you like.
        Photo Source


          Stamped corkboard
          Stamp it up. You know those old school rubber stamps? You can use those to create a pattern across the board.
            Photo Source


              real cork corkboard art
              Make your own corkboard with actual corks. You can glue corks together to form a board that functions the same as an actual corkboard. The only difference is that it looks pretty sweet and completely unique.
                Photo Source



                  For the Teachers in the House

                  As a teacher, you want to give your students fun and engaging opportunities. So, how can you make the best notice boardthat will stimulate enjoyment and learning? Here are some DIY bulletin board ideasyour students will love.

                  Bulletin board cover ideasto make your bulletin board

                  • Use paper. You can buy big sheets of paper that will fit over your bulletin board. Get paper that’s colorful, fun, and age appropriate. Older kids may not be as interested in bright colors as young kids, so take that into consideration when you’re picking a color.
                  • Add a border. If you don’t want to entirely cover your board in colors, you can always add some trim. This is super easy to do and gives your board a little dash of fun.
                  • Choose a theme. If your classroom has a theme, incorporate it into your bulletin board. If not, try to coordinate your theme with something your class is studying, or with the seasons of the year.
                  • Make it interactive. This will engage your students and excite them when they get to take a part in more than just sitting at a desk. Let them use sticky notes to post questions about the lesson or ask them a question and let them post their answers.
                  teacher bulletin boards

                    These fun DIY notice board ideas are sure to turn your classroom into the favorite across the whole school. 

                    Photo Source: Fun In Fourth

                    Corkboard Uses

                    So, we know there are some awesome ways to make your corkboard beautiful, but what about ways you can use it? Whether you’re at school, in the office, or at home, any workspace can use the help of a corkboard.

                    Why is cork so great?

                    You might be asking yourself, what is so great about corkboards? Why should I use them? Not only are corkboards useful, but the characteristics of cork are part of what makes cork items so appealing.

                    Buoyant Icon

                    It’s buoyant, and even a big piece is not too heavy to carry. This is helpful when you are moving houses, offices, or classrooms. No matter how big your board is, it won’t weigh you down.

                    Insulation icon

                    It has insulator characteristics which makes cork a desirable building material. However, this is also useful for a large, echoey office space. Putting up a corkboard will help minimize those echoes.

                    flexibility icon

                    It’s flexible, which is why it makes such a great bottle stopper. While corkboards themselves are made to be stiff and straight, other cork materials you might use such as cork wall covering rollor bottle stoppers have flexible abilities which may be helpful for you while you DIY.

                    water icon

                    It’s water-resistant. You don’t need to worry about ruining your board by hanging it too close to the kitchen sink. Cork’s water-resistant qualities will keep your board in good quality.


                      Corkboard Uses at Home

                      Photo Board

                      • Photo boards. Corkboards are a fun way to display your photos. You can hang multiple photos at once and change them out whenever you want. Depending on your style, you might like to neatly arrange your photos across your board. You might prefer to randomly assort them, or even crowd as many as possible. The great thing is there are no rules about how to place your photos on your corkboard.
                      Photo Source


                        Family Calendar Board

                        • Family calendar board. Turning your corkboard into a family calendar is another simple DIY project. It keeps you from having to buy a new calendar every year, since you can reuse your family calendar corkboard.
                          • Tape out enough boxes for the longest month of the year, 31 days.
                          • You can either choose to paint in lines, draw them, or even just leave the tape there.
                          • Make sure you label your boxes Sunday through Saturday at the top of your corkboard.
                          • Buy some numbered thumbtacksor make your own numbers and place them in the corner of each box.

                        Then, your family calendar board is ready to go! Keep a stack of post-it-notes, or small notecards nearby to write different events. You can use thumbtacks to post whatever events that are happening throughout the week, so that the whole family can stay in the loop 

                        Photo Source

                        Push Pin world map

                        • Push pin world map. This is one the most popular corkboard usesand is a fun way to record your travels. Mark on a world map where you have been by investing in a travel map with pins.There are a couple different popular world travel map styles to choose from.
                          • A map attached to a corkboard
                          • A corkboard cutout map
                          • A map printed on the corkboard
                        Photo Source


                          Corkboard ideas for the kitchen

                          DIY Push Pin World Map

                          Push Pin Map

                          The other option is DIY! Make a personalized world travel mapby cutting it out yourself. Buy some cork wall covering. Rollit out and trace a world map. You also have the option of using a stencil to paint a world travel mapdirectly on the corkboard. If you purchase a world map, you can use adhesive spray and attach it straight to the board.

                          Photo Source


                          Corkboard Ideas for the Kitchen

                          The kitchen is one of the most frequented places in the house. Everyone makes at least one kitchen stop a day. So, this room might be the best place to hang your family corkboard. Use your kitchen corkboard to hang the kid’s chore charts or family memos and invitations. A kitchen corkboard is also great for creating a meal schedule or making grocery lists each week. You might hang your family calendar in the kitchen as well.

                          Throw in a little DIY, and you can turn your kitchen corkboard into an organizational tool.

                          Buy hooks and attach them to the bottom of your corkboard to create a place to hang your keys.

                          Try attaching thumbtacks to the backs of clothespins. You can stick them to your corkboard, and use the clothespins hold papers, reminders, or receipts.


                          Corkboard kitchen uses

                          Photo Sources: Driven by Decor, Moms by Heart, Young House Love


                          Corkboard Uses at the Office

                          Office notice boards are a great way to keep your office connected and informed, but sometimes they can feel a little mundane. It’s easy to walk by your big office bulletin board and forget to even look at it. Here are some office notice board ideasthat will make your bulletin board more appealing to your employees.


                          corkboard wall

                          Make a corkboard wall. If you purchase a cork wall covering roll, then you can make an entire office wall into a corkboard. This not only gives you more space to post information, but it also creates a unique look when compared to the traditional office style bulletin board.

                          Photo Source 


                          announcement board

                          Split up the announcements. Instead of having one big board where announcements are easily crowded, try spreading smaller boards throughout the office. This way you don’t have to worry about a bulletin board getting overly crowded and people not reading the notices.

                          Photo Source



                          Make an office calendar. A big office-wide calendar will keep your employees informed and involved in office life. This is an easy way to announce when events are happening – just pin them up where everyone can see.

                          Photo Source


                          fun fact board

                          Create a fun facts board. This can be anything from random life facts to office facts. It’s really easy to turn this into an interactive board, too. Let your employees post things and compete for the best fun fact.

                          Photo Source


                          employee feature board

                          Feature employees. Use your office bulletin board as a form of introducing your employees to each other. Feature an employee every week or month so that coworkers can get to know one another.

                          Photo Source


                          Corkboards are very versatile. There isn’t just one way to use a corkboard and, similarly, there isn't a wrong way to use one . We hope these corkboard DIY tips will help you make your corkboard into exactly what you want. But if you aren’t interested in DIY-ing and are looking for a good quality corkboard, we got you! Check out our corkboards, or try our whiteboard and corkboard combination boards.

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