General Office Resources

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Office Supply Inventory Resources

Download our resources to properly manage your office supply inventory. Download a .zip file containing free templates for an Office Supply Inventory Lists and Office Supply Request Forms.

Office Supply Checklist Form

Whether you're outfitting a new office or making sure your staff has everything it needs, our small business supplies checklist form can be downloaded and printed for ease of use.

Business Acronyms Cheat Sheet

Drowning in the alphabet soup of workplace acronyms? We’ve got you covered with our free printable Business Acronyms Cheat Sheet.

Email Etiquette Cheat Sheet

Download our free Email Etiquette Cheat Sheet to hang at your desk for a quick reference to common misspellings and grammar errors.

Office Birthday Tracker

Keep track of your colleague's birthdays so you know when it's time to celebrate!

Length Measurements Chart

This handy printable cheat sheet offers quick reference to common lengths and their equivalents for both imperial and metric units of measurement.

Home File Organization Categories Planning Worksheet

If you need help whipping your home file cabinet system into shape, this free worksheet will help you determine what kind of categories you need.

Half Sheet Label Printables for Plastic File Jackets

If you ordered our Plastic File Jackets, you will have found a sheet of large adhesive labels inside the package. We have created a selection of four free printable templates you can use to print directly onto these large labels for use in labeling and tracking the contents in your plastic file jackets, including an activity long, a blank log, a list of enclosed documents, or lined notes.

Tab Insert Diagrams for Hanging File Folders

If you ordered our Hanging File Folders, you will have found a sheet of tab insert labels inside the package. We have created a selection of four free printable templates you can use to print directly onto these tab insert labels for use in labeling and tracking the contents in your Hanging File Folders. Click to Download

New Employee Orientation Resources

For an easy way to handle a new employee's orientation, onboarding process, and paperwork, download our printable employee's first day checklist.

Time Off Request Sheets for PTO, Vacation & Sick Day

At some point, everyone on your team deserves a little (or a lot) of time off. Stay organized, and maintain efficiency and office productivity by tracking everything with our bundle of time-off request templates. This bundle includes: Sick Leave Time Off Request Form, Vacation Time Off Request Form, and General PTO Time Off Request Form.

Office Kitchen Signs

When in doubt, have a little fun. Download our printable kitchen cleaning signs to add a little humor as you remind your team to keep the office kitchen squeaky clean.

Office Admin Resume Template

Being an office administrator is not easy, and it’s not a job every person is cut out for. Do you think you have what it takes? Download our free office admin resume template to take the next step froward towards this career path.

Halloween Party Printables

Whether you’re in charge of planning the Halloween office party, or you just need a couple ways to get into the spooky spirit, start by downloading our party pack of Halloween themed printables. The bundle includes: Office Halloween Party Invitation, Boo Game Printables, Happy Halloween Banner, and circular cutout Halloween Decorations.

Weekly Team Meeting Template

If you’re unsure about how to organize or setup your next team meeting, download our weekly meeting template to help structure your gathering from start to finish.

Hand Washing Posters

Includes Printable Bathroom Sign & Printable Hand Sanitizer Sign. Post these signs in the office restroom and around the office to promote hand-washing best practices and frequent sanitizing to keep those pesky germs at bay.

Employee Information Change Forms

Download our general employee information form to collect a number of different employee updates, including name changes, address changes, preferred pronoun updates, medical updates, and more.

Achievement Certificate Templates

Download our variety bundle of free printable certificate templates to use for achievements, appreciation, awards, and more. Need to make something entirely your own? Maybe a Friendliest Dog Certificate? Not a problem. We also include a blank certificate template you can use for any occasion or purpose.

Adult Coloring Pages

From reducing stress and anxiety to improving sleep and focus, coloring can also be a great way to escape from the craziness of the world. Take a break and do something fun and creative with our free downloadable adult coloring pages.

Return to Work Plan Template

After working from home for an extended period of time, it might take some preparation to get back into the in-office groove. Use our return to work template to craft your own personalized plan! Our downloadable checklist includes the steps you need to take for a smooth transition back to the workplace.

Return to Office Checklist

A detailed plan will help everyone return to the office smoothly. Download our free Return to Office Checklist to make sure none of the details fall through the cracks.

One-on-One Meeting Agenda Template

Organize all your meeting notes — all the when's, what's, and why's — all in one place with our One-on-One Meeting Agenda Template.

Habit Trackers

Looking to form long-lasting positive habits, document your progress, and motivate yourself to keep going? Download our free bundle of Habit Tracker printables to stay organized and maintain those healthy habits. Includes a Daily Habit Tracker, Monthly Habit Tracker, and Bullet Journal Habit Tracker in both daily grid and calendar forms.

Password Tracker

Download our free and easy to use printable password tracker and fill it out as you go. With this option, your passwords are right at your fingertips so you and your team members can access them at any time. And if your computer or phone dies before you've backed it up, your passwords won't be lost to the abyss.

Grid Paper Printable

Download our grid paper printable for those evenly spaced lines running horizontally and vertically. The perfect for use in mathematics, engineering, and field work.

Handwriting Paper Printable

Download our handwriting practice paper printable at home or at school for handwriting practice. Whether you’re brushing up on your cursive, learning to write with the English alphabet for the first time, or want paper for children to practice their handwriting on, this is the type of lined paper you need.

Wide Ruled Paper Printable

Do you like to have a lot of space on the page when you handwrite? Download our wide lined paper printable for lined pages with a bit of extra space.

College Ruled Paper Printable

Looking for some regular old lined paper? College lined paper is probably what you're thinking of. This paper has a wide range of uses in offices, homes, and schools. Use our printable lined sheets to print your own lined paper whenever you need some extra sheets or for specific crafting projects.

Morning Routine Checklist

Ensure you have time to relax, ready your mind, prepare for the workday, and eat a nutritious breakfast by crafting your own healthy morning routine with our free downloadable checklist. Use our pre-designed list or our blank printable list to fill in your own morning habits.

Map of Huntsville's Best Remote Work Spots

Download our printable PDF map of the Best Local Remote Work Spots in Huntsville, AL for an on-the-go guide to our favorite local coffee shops, libraries, and coworking spaces.

Where to Find Jobs in Huntsville Checklist

On the hunt for a new job in the Rocket City? Don't miss out on local job openings that never make it into the bigger search engines. Download our interactive PDF checklist with over 50 local resources that will be sure to help you guide your next career move.

Office Sign-in Sheets for Patients

Easily keep track of everyone who enters your office with our printable office sign-in sheets. Choose from two different options — one for basic appointment arrival information, and another with more detailed information for general records and security purposes.

Employee Offboarding Checklist

If you don’t currently have an offboarding or exit interview plan, utilize our free downloadable checklist to get started. Make sure you customize it to the needs of your industry, business, and team and adjust your processes as you gather feedback from your team.

While You Were Out Printable

When taking a message for someone else, you need a place to write down all the details. Download our While You Were Out printable for the perfect template to record who called, when they called, why they called, and everything in between.

Weekly Office Cleaning Checklist

Before rushing away for the weekend, ensure weekly cleaning tasks are completed. Download our weekly office cleaning checklist to ensure everyone can come back on Monday ready to get to work, rather than having to catch up on last week’s mess.

Monthly Office Cleaning Checklist

Ensure monthly cleaning tasks are not pushed aside, no matter how busy things get. Download our monthly office cleaning checklist template to make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

Yearly Office Cleaning Checklist

Once a year, it’s time for a deep clean. Put on those rubber gloves and tackle any neglected or tough-to-reach spaces with our free office deep cleaning checklist.

Dot Grid Paper Printable

Download our dot grid paper printable for a template of evenly spaced dots that you can use to create your own lines. Use it for bullet journaling or as a substitute for grid paper.