Murfreesboro Back to School Bash

An important part of our culture is doing what we can, where we can, especially for those who need it. For us, it’s icing on the cake when the people behind these efforts are so awesome. This is the case for Jantrice Johnson.

Jantrice has been the mastermind behind HWY231 South’s Back to School Bash since 2016. The Back to School Bash is a group community effort to provide local students with the necessities they’ll need for the coming school year.

Says Jantrice, “There are nearly 50,000 students enrolled in the Murfreesboro City and Rutherford County school system. We are a community that values quality education and want to ensure that our students throughout the community and surrounding counties have the essentials to start the school year successfully.”

“Since 2016 the Back to School Bash has been our annual summer service to the community that includes: handouts of school supplies, medical screenings, giveaways, parenting workshops and a teacher/staff recognition luncheon.”

This year, Blue Summit Supplies was fortunate to be a part of it.


back to school bash


The Back to School Bash took place this past weekend on Saturday, the 27th, and over 2500 students came to eat, socialize, and gather necessities for the upcoming start of school.

At the Back to School Bash, no kids leave empty handed. Every student gets their own backpack and supplies to fill it.

A team of volunteers also handed out hot lunches, new pairs of shoes, and haircuts, all at no cost to the recipients or their families.

One table was run by our Project Manager, Katie, and another by her two daughters, Sophia and Gretta. The girls were all smiles as they handed out composition notebooks while Katie manned the binder table.


back to school bash


At the binder table, none went to waste! The event lasted until 3 o’clock, but Katie was out of binders by 1:30. This put the needs of the community into perspective for us, and we’re already planning out how to do more for next year’s bash.

All in all, we ended up donating over $5,000 worth of school supplies, including folders, binders, clipboards, lapboards, staplers, dry erase pockets, and poly envelopes.


back to School bash


But we’re aware our contribution is paltry compared to what Jantrice Johnson and her family do every year, which is give students in need the opportunity to excel. Everyone deserves the chance to learn, and thanks to HWY 231 South’s selfless donation of their time, talents, and treasure, 2500 kids will start the 2019-2020 school year ready to do just that.

Thank you, HWY 231 South and Jantrice Johnson, for allowing us to be a part of something so great. We’ll see you next year! 

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