A Clipboard Guide to the Best Clipboard and the Best Clipboard with Storage

If you’ve tried running a business without a clipboard – especially an on-the-go endeavor – then you know how tricky it can be. Clipboards may not be at the top of your supply list, but they should be – they’re lifesavers. They’re more than just transportable writing surfaces; they can keep your documents neat and easily accessible, and with the best clipboard with storage, you can keep all your necessary materials together. Even if you don’t use clipboards on a daily basis, they’re useful tools to keep on hand.

Clipboards come in all shapes and sizes, so many that you may not realize all the options you have. From the clip style to the board material to extra features, you have a lot of factors to consider. We have compiled a list of everything you might need to know as you decide on the best kind of clipboard to buy.

The Best Clipboard and the Best Clipboard with Storage

If you’re in a rush, here are our winners. If you want some more information on clipboards, keep reading!

Best Clipboards

best clipboards

Best Clipboard with Storage

best storage clipboards

    The Basics

    There are two parts to consider when you’re purchasing a clipboard: the board and the clip. While any clipboard might meet your needs, it’s best to be informed of all the options you have when you’re choosing one to purchase.


    The Board

    You have a plethora of board materials to choose from. One is not necessarily better than the other; rather it comes down to your own personal preference.


    The traditional clipboard is composed of fibers melted together to form “hardboard.” Hardboard clipboards are the most common clipboards and you’ll find you can buy them at any office supply store near you or online. Here are a few online sources where you can buy hardboard clipboards.  

    Colored Plastic Clipboards and Acrylic Clipboards 

    If brown just isn’t your color, you have the option to go with a clipboard that is a little more fun. If you go with plastic boards or acrylic clipboards, the color options are endless. Here are a few of our favorites.

    colored clipboards

    Blue plastic clipboards are a favorite among medical professionals and paraprofessionals. The calming color of blue gives off a soothing, legitimate aura to your clients, students, or patients. Here are a few of our favorites. 

    Blue plastic clipboards


    Specialty Boards

    You can find hardboard, plastic, and acrylic clipboard almost anywhere, but they aren’t the only option you have. If you want something a little more unusual, you can get specially made clipboards. Try a metal or a wooden clipboard like one of these. 

    specialty clipboards



    White Clipboards

    White clipboards often double as whiteboard clipboards. This not only provides something to keep your papers sorted and flat, but you can easily flip up your papers and use the whiteboard potion to draw out anything that needs further explanation. A multipack is also great for use in an educational setting. Here are our favorites.


    white clipboards

    The Clip

    When you select a clipboard, you have two clip style options. Both styles are easy to find and are often coupled with any board style.

    standard clip

    Standard Clips

    If you’ve ever used a potato bag clip, than you have a general idea of what a standard clipboard clip looks like. These clips have a wide mouth so they can hold a lot more paper. However, this clip style protrudes out from the board and it may not slide so smoothly in and out of your bag. On the other hand, because of the small hole at the top of the clip, standard clip can be hung on a wall in a classroom, at home, or in the office.


    low profile clip

    Low-Profile Clips

    Low-profile clips lay flat against your board so they fit much more easily into a bag or a drawer. Nothing sticks out so you don’t have to worry about the board getting caught on anything. Unlike standard clips, a low-profile clip doesn’t typically have a loop or hole on the top, meaning that low profile clips are not as wall friendly. They can still hang on the wall, but you’ll have to attach the board to the wall.


    There’s More To It

    Whether you need storage, organization, or even if it’s a job requirement, you can purchase a clipboard that meets both your needs and your wants.

    Storage Clipboards

    A clipboard can be an organized mini desk wherever you go. Keep any extra pens, paper, or other important odds and ends all in one place with a storage clipboard. Storage clipboards are also helpful if you are working in the outdoors. You can use the storage compartment to keep papers clean and dry.

    Here are a few of the best clipboards with storage which you can purchase to help you out when you are on the go.


    Carrier Clipboards

    You can also purchase storage clipboards with handles. This clipboard option is effective if you change locations often. Here’s our suggestion.


    Carrier Clipboard


    Folder Clipboards

    While storage clipboards keep additional paper and materials on hand, they can sometimes get a bit bulky. Folder clipboards stay slim and easily carriable while still storing additional paper. With a flap that comes down over your paper, you can keep them from getting dirty or ruined by the rain.

    Medical Clipboards

    Although paper charting is less commonly used in hospitals, medical professionals are constantly needing to document information as they work. Whether you work at a hospital or in a doctor’s office, patients need to sign documents and medical professionals need to record information on-the-go. Here are a few of the best nursing clipboards.

    Coaching Clipboards

    If you’re a coach, you know clipboards are a must. Whether you are creating a line up, calling plays, or explaining concepts to new players, you won’t always be in a classroom with a huge whiteboard. Using a clipboard, you can recreate situations and alter game plans whether you are at practice, at home, or on the sidelines. 

    Grab a custom dry-erase clipboard with your team mascot or colors on your board. Whether you are at the game or planning from home, you can rep your team.

    coaching clipboard

    School Clipboards

    Using clipboards in the classroom is a great plan for students who flourish away from a desk. Rather than forcing your students to sit in the same spot all day, you can let them take a break and roam around. Let them use a clipboard to take notes or get ahead on homework. You can also use these clipboards to hold announcements, assignments, or sign-up sheets. 

    If you decide to use clipboards in the classroom, you have a whole new mess to organize. Here are a few clipboard organization ideas which can help you keep your classroom in order. 


    Clipboard organization ideas

    Hang them on the wall. If you’re using a standard clipboard clip, you can keep your clipboards orderly by hanging them all on the wall


    Keep them in a storage bin or bucket. Label a bin ‘Clipboards’ and whenever a student finishes using a clipboard, they can put it right back into the bin.


    Purchase a clipboard holder. Yes, they do exist! If you’re using clipboards in a classroom, you might want to purchase several, but a gadget like this one will be perfect for keeping your clipboards organized.


    How to Buy a Clipboard

    You can now make an informed decision when selecting a clipboard to purchase. However, here are a few more tips to help you buy the best clipboard. 

    • Where to buy clipboards

    The first step is to determine where you can buy a clipboard. All specialty office supply stores will sell them, as will most big-box retailers like Wal-Mart and Target. Online is the best route to go if you want to cut down on expenses.

    size icon
    • Know what size you want

    You can buy clipboards in all shapes and size, so determine the size you need. 9x12.5 is the standard clipboard size. If you’re looking for a different size, you’ll most likely have to search for that size specifically. The Clipboard Shop is a source that sells different sized clipboards.

    board material icon
    • Determine the board material you like.

      Consider what kind of board you want. Hardboard is tried and true but other options are just as reliable. It all comes down to your preference. Read back through the basics if you need help deciding.

      clip icon
      • Choose your clip style.

        If you plan to hold a lot of paper, you’ll probably want to go with the standard clip style. If you’ll only be holding a couple of papers at a time, you have the option of going with a low-profile clip.


        Don’t forget that buying in bulk is always an option. If you’re buying clipboards for your business or for a large organization, here are a few sources which offer clipboard bulk orders.


        bulk clipboards


        Buying in bulk is also a good option if you’re looking for inexpensive clipboards. If you don’t need clipboards in bulk, there are also other options for purchasing inexpensive clipboards.


        More Than Just A Clipboard

        Plain clipboards may be high-quality, but they can also be drab. Turn your plain clipboard into something new and exciting. Here are a few clipboard craft ideasto give your clipboard a little personality.

        Decorate the clip

        You can choose exactly how you want your clip to look. Spray paint it to give it a little different color tone. Cover it with glitter. If you are using a low-profile clipboard, tie ribbons along the edge. 

        Change the board

        Using painter’s tape, tape the clip portion of your clipboard off and paint your board. Paint a design or use mod podge to stick pretty paper or pictures to decorate this part of your clipboard.

        Personalize it

        You can DIY your board on your own with paint or paper, or you can get your clipboard custom printed. You can also find online sources that willhand paint a design on your clipboard.


        personalized clipboard





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