2022 Back to School Guide

If you’ve been shopping from Blue Summit Supplies or following our blog, you’ll know just how passionate we are about office and school supplies. With back to school looming right around the corner, we thought we’d compile an ultimate guide on our favorite school supplies for younger students and older students, as well as helpful strategies and tools for parents and teachers. 

A classroom cannot function without adequate and effective school supplies. Ensure your kids and students have the absolute best chance of success by investing in quality products that will last the entire school year.

Use our quick links to find the products you need to prepare for the school year and our most popular articles on choosing the best products and living a healthy lifestyle.


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Small businesses can use all the help you can give them. Do what you can to support local and small businesses when shopping for school supplies. As a small business ourselves, we truly appreciate it!



Back to School Products for Younger Students

Younger students need durable products that will last the entire school year, and parents and teachers want to know that students will be completely safe using these products. Get children excited about going back to school with bright supplies that stand out.

We have you covered on all fronts.

Here’s a list of our favorite back to school products for children.

Looking for some activities to get children excited about going back to school? Check out our guides and how-to articles for working with younger children. 

Back to School Products for Older Students

Older students need school supplies they can count on to last all year long and help them complete their schoolwork efficiently and effectively. 

From pens to pencils to clipboards to binders, here’s a list of our favorite back to school products for older students. We get it—things get lost, and sometimes your dog eats your homework 😬. But with a sturdy binder to protect your hard work, even the most industrious dog will struggle 😉. At least, that’s what Larry likes to promise us. 

Back to school can be a stressful time, no matter your age. Check out our latest how-to guides and wellness content to ensure a smooth and seamless transition back. 

Back to School Products and Guides for Teachers

Teachers have a lot on their plate all year-round, but September is a fresh start. Start the year off right with a collection of school supplies that will get the job done all school year long.

Here’s a list of our favorite back to school products for teachers.

As a teacher, you’re the one holding everything together, and although they may not thank you for it, your students—and, hopefully, the parents!—truly appreciate it. But don’t forget to take care of yourself. 

We have a wide selection of wellness and organization guides you can use to help stave off burnout and grant you peace of mind. For example, do you get enough sleep? The average adult needs seven hours of sleep—every single night. And while you may be able to power through with a generous helping of coffee every morning, wakefulness is essentially mild brain damage.

Teachers have early mornings every morning, so sleep is often something you may feel forced to sacrifice. But this sacrifice doesn’t benefit you or your students. Utilize our recent wellness guides to keep your body and mind healthy during both the summer and school year. Make sure you get enough sleep! We’ve done the research, and we can’t stress this enough.

Supporting Local and Small Businesses

We’re big on supporting local businesses, and it’s something we always recommend. When looking for school supplies, seek out the office supplies stores located near you, and get involved with your local community as much as you can. 

We’re a small business ourselves, and we know just how important local customers are. Before jumping on Amazon, see if you can find similar supplies from a small business, even if it costs a little bit more. 

While Amazon is certainly convenient, you make a much greater impact in people’s lives and your local economy by supporting small businesses near you.

Supporting Those In Need

Not all families are able to afford essential school supplies, and it’s an unfortunate reality that some kids aren’t able to arrive on the first day of school with what they need. If you are in a position to help as a parent or local business, reach out to a school in your community to find out how you can help. 

Feeling left out or not up to the standard of everyone else is a terrible way to begin the school year. While it may seem like a simple, small necessity, being a child without the proper school supplies can hinder their ability to learn and may have a lasting impact on that student's confidence and self-esteem. 

Are you able to donate free back to school supplies for low-income families? Or does the school already run a program that you can donate funds toward?

There are also larger charitable organizations you can support that ensure students have the learning supplies they so desperately need.


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