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Mid-July means popsicles, sunshine, and pool days, but if you’re a forward-thinking parent or an enterprising student, you may already be thinking ahead to next school year.

And if that’s the case…

Ho-boy do we have news for you!

We’ve expanded our product catalog to better accommodate students, teachers, and parents with more low-cost, high-quality product offerings.  This news is almost hotter than our Alabama summer. (Almost.)

Here’s what’s on deck for the 2019-2020 school year.

pencil pouches

Pencil pouches

Our brightly colored, durable pencil pouches are created with the rough classroom environment in mind. Keep your scholar’s necessities zipped up safe so you don’t have to buy new pens and pencils every other month.



Shatterproof Rulers

    Kids can be destructive little monsters, which is why we’ve taken steps to thwart their impulse to destroy. Our transparent, colorful rulers are made to withstand all manner of abuse, including bending, thwacking, and ill-advised sword fighting.


    Your kids, but with rulers.


    kids scissors

    Kids’ Scissors

      Tiny hands call for tiny, blunt-tipped scissors, and we’ve got ‘em. Our soft-grip handles come in a range of colors, so everyone is happy. … Or, well, they’re happy for a second, until Suzy gets glue on Timmy’s popsicle stick creation and everyone dissolves into tears. Kids!


      Clipboards with Ruler Side

        This two-in-one classroom tool is ideal for little (and not so little) learners. Our transparent, colorful clipboards hold their contents in place with a low-profile, hangable clip, and make measuring easy with notched measurements along the side.

        dry erase pockets

        Dry Erase Pockets

          Keep classroom paper waste to a minimum with reusable dry erase pockets. Slip a worksheet into the pockets and have your students work on it through the plastic, keeping the paper pristine for you to reuse as necessary. These also double as page protectors for pages your kids need to keep safe and un-crumpled.



            Ah, folders – the last defense when it comes to all the papers your kids bring home. With a good folder, you can avoid the scourge of crinkled, ruined pages scrunched up at the bottom of a backpack. Ours are made from durable plastic and have two pockets to encourage your kids to slide sheets of paper into them instead of wadding them up. Children are a gift.

            dry erase lapboards

            Dry Erase Lapboards

              This is a classroom purchase, since our sets come in bulk (12 or 30) and would make a great asset for any flock of students. Lapboards make working group problems like math or grammar simple, since the problem can be put up in a central place (whiteboard or Promethean board, if you’re fancy) and the students can work it on their own personal dry erase lapboard.

              colorful binders

              Colorful binders

              Binders are the bread and butter of school supply lists but can run expensive if you go with the character-licensed variety. Entice your student with our colorful binder options and consider going the extra mile to decorate your binder with inserts you know they’ll love – print out favorite characters or spend some time writing their name in a stylized font or calligraphy.

              non-colorful binders

              Non-colorful binders

              If your kid’s a minimalist, she’s going to love these. Plus, they’re so affordable, you can grab several! You get a binder and you get a binder and you get a binder! 


              sheet protectors

              Sheet protectors

              Help yourself by helping your kids protect important papers. Much like folders, sheet protectors help get permission slips, progress reports, and other necessary documents safe en route from school to home. Unless it’s a PTA invitation – let that ish get junked up at the bottom of their backpack. (Just kidding. Kind of.)


              Got any questions or suggestions about our school supply catalog? We’d love to hear it! Send us an emailor reach out on Twitter,Instagram, or Facebook.

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