How to Buy the Best Whiteboard

A whiteboard is a necessity for any office. They’re a great brainstorming tool for groups and a helpful way to track individual tasks and progress in a fast-paced environment. The ephemeral nature of whiteboards is a good match for the rapidly-changing cadence of modern offices, and the simplicity of use means they’ll be a staple for a long time to come. Your office needs the best whiteboard.

But how do you know which is the best whiteboard for you? We’ve broken down the whiteboard buying process to help you make the most of your money and get the dry erase board you need.

What makes a whiteboard good?

Before we can break down how to find the best whiteboard, let’s dissect which factors contribute to whiteboard quality.

Whiteboard Longevity


Shopping for whiteboards is costly and time-consuming, so consider it an investment you should only have to make once. Check into the ‘life expectancy’ of your preferred whiteboard. Certain materials last longer than others but come with a heftier price tag. We’ll look more into best whiteboard surface materials in a moment.

Whiteboard Stain Resistance


One of the biggest pitfalls of certain whiteboards is a phenomenon called ‘ghosting,’ where dry erase markers leave behind shadowy ink stains if their marks aren’t erased quickly enough. You want to find a whiteboard that has less susceptibility to ghosting, since over time stains can render your whiteboard unusable. Some whiteboard materials are more porous than others, which can lead to ghosting. Poor cleaning habits – like leaving dry erase marker marks on for too long - can also contribute.

Whiteboard Icon

Ease of Use

If you’re in a larger office with plenty of wall space, a hanging whiteboard might be your best bet. But if you’re working in a more mobile operation – like a classroom or a warehouse – you might want a whiteboard that can move with you. Some are lighter, like dry erase lapboards, for carrying around as your work. Some come on wheels, and others are two-sided with the capability to flip as needed. Consider what you’ll use your whiteboard for and find one that suits your needs.

Writing on a whiteboard

What’s the best whiteboard surface?

Another relevant factor to keep in mind when buying a whiteboard is material. Depending on your needs, your best whiteboard material will vary. There are three main types of whiteboards.

Glass Whiteboard Detail


The most expensive option, glass dry erase boards, or glassboards, are very heavy, very durable, and resistant to ghosting and streaking. Tempered glass is strong enough that glass dry erase boards don’t need to be framed, though they should be mounted. Make sure you mount your glass dry erase board on a light surface, something like white or a very light pastel. Otherwise the transparency can make marks difficult to see, and issues like sunlight glare can interfere as well. Marks can also be more prone to bleeding and distorting on a glass dry erase board due to the slick surface, so find specialty markers made for glass writing.

Porcelain Whiteboard Detail


Porcelain whiteboards are ceramic whiteboards with metal backings, often steel. Because of this, most porcelain whiteboards are magnetic. Porcelain whiteboards are lighter and cheaper than glass whiteboards, but still relatively heavy and can be pricey. This price tag is reflected in quality, since they are more resistant to ghosting than melamine whiteboards and tend to last longer with less maintenance required.

Melamine Whiteboard Detail


The most cost-effective option, melamine is a type of plastic coating that works with dry erase markers. Melamine whiteboards are lightweight, easy to transport, and quick to clean. There are a few drawbacks, since, like porcelain whiteboards, melamine-coated whiteboards run the risk of ghosting. This can be combatted with regular cleaning and conditioning, and your melamine-coated whiteboard can last years and years.

The most cost-effective option, a melamine-coated whiteboard can last years and years.

Best small whiteboards

What size whiteboard do I need?

Consider your needs before buying a whiteboard. Is this a whiteboard for a home office? A moderately sized conference room? An auditorium-sized classroom? Your needs depend on your audience and wall space (if you have wall space). If you’ll be writing information for a large group, go for a correspondingly larger size. They make whiteboards up to ten feet wide, so measure your wall or floorspace and see what would fit best.

If it’s for a home office, however, consider a 4’ x 3’ or smaller. They even make personal sized whiteboards under a foot high so you can keep your space minimally appointed.

What are the best whiteboard markers?

There’s no shortage of options when it comes to dry erase markers. There are many types ranging from affordable and classicto refillable and color-dense, so consider your needs before grabbing a pack. If you’re someone who uses dry erase markers often, like an educator, investing in a refillable pack might be worthwhile from a cost (and eco-friendly) standpoint. However, if you use dry erase markers sparingly, it might be better to grab a disposable pack.

What is a reasonable whiteboard cost?

Cost varies greatly between whiteboards depending on many variables such as size and material. A smaller whiteboard for personal use can cost anywhere between $5 and $20, depending on coating and framing. As for larger whiteboards, a 36” x 48” board can run from $55.99 to $772.95 and up. A good way to narrow down your choices for purchasing a whiteboard is to set a budget and work from there. Glass dry erase boards will cost substantially more than melamine boards.  Decide what you’re comfortable spending and you will have an easier time finding a product to accommodate your budget.

A good way to narrow down your choices for purchasing a whiteboard is to set a budget and work from there.

What’s the best office whiteboard?






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Finding the best whiteboard brand is tricky, since there are many great options for many different needs. We’re going to break down our suggestions for the best whiteboard into several categories.

Best Whiteboard for Large Corporate Offices

Quartet Whiteboard

Most large corporate office spaces adopt a modern look and feel through sleek décor. They also have the budgets for higher-end supplies, which is why a glass dry erase board is our top choice for a corporate office dry erase board.

Quartet is a reputable brand for quality glass dry erase boards, and they’re available in many sizes, framing options, and accessory packages. You can even reach out to order a custom glass dry erase board tailored perfectly to your needs. Their reviews are consistently good, and their quality is high.

Best Whiteboard for Classroom Use

Educators’ dry erase board needs differ from office settings, since they’re often writing and solving complex equations or problems in real-time. For them, space is of the essence, as is the ability to reference back to certain marks during a lesson.

That’s why we suggest a free-standing, two-sided porcelain whiteboard with pivoting functionality, like those made by Ghent.

Best Office Whiteboard for Small Business

Our best whiteboard suggestion for small businesses is the traditional melamine-coated whiteboard by Blue Summit Supplies.

Many small businesses have the same office supply needs are larger companies but without the budget to make it happen. For this reason, we recommend going with a reliable melamine-surface whiteboard. They have the lowest price tag and, with proper care, can last a long time. Just make sure to wipe your marks away after you’re done using your whiteboard to ensure it stays pristine and ghosting-free for as long as possible!

Our range of whiteboards comes in several sizes at various price points. We personally designed and tested these whiteboards for things like ease of hanging, resistance against ghosting, and frame durability. We even conducted some noisy tests to make sure our packaging was up to standard and would get out whiteboards to their destination in pristine condition.

Many of our whiteboards come with included accessories like markers, trays, and erasers, so you can get everything you need in one place.

For more information on which office supplies to buy, check out our blog. If you have any questions or just want to talk office supplies, shoot us an email! Larry is always happy to help.


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