Valentine Gift Ideas for the Office

There’s nothing to pep up a workday like forced fun, and no better time for it than Valentine’s Day. But instead of holding your colleagues hostage with office Valentine’s day activities or forced Valentine day games in-office, just… buy them stuff.

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1. For your cubicle neighbor 

Valentine gift ideas for coworker

Working in tight spaces isn’t always a cakewalk, but there are little things you can do to make it smooth sailing. Like putting up this handy 11” x 14” whiteboard, so your overly chatty neighbor will leave you notes here instead of constantly tapping you on the shoulder to tell you about their true crime podcast.

Our whiteboard pairs well with this Ron Swanson greeting card and a woodblock of chocolate.


2. For your work wife/husband 

Valentine gift ideas for work wife

Show your favorite officemate how much you love them by helping them organize their life with our blue zippered accordion file organizer. Or just encourage them to shove all those papers out of sight in their new organizer and take you to platonic Valentine’s lunch at that place with bottomless February 14th mimosas.

Our accordion file pairs well with this classy Work Wife greeting card and a boxful of champagne bears.


 2. For your boss 

Valentine gift ideas for boss

A 5-tray wall mount file organizer is the perfect gift  for your boss, since you can dump your dozens of briefs and documents into the five trays instead of trying to find space on their already-overflowing desk.

Our wall mount file organizer pairs well with this Michael Scott greeting card and this sea salt-kissed chocolate bar.


 4. For your intern

Valentine gift ideas for intern

Grab an economy-sized jar of assorted color binder clips as a fun gift for your intern. They’re going to need plenty to hold together those thick stacks of papers you’ll be handing off to them, amirite?! #delegating

Our colorful binder clips pair well with this encouraging intern card and a Starbucks gift card.


 5. For your favorite in accounting 

Accounting valentine ideas

Good accountants are unsung heroes for most operations, and V-Day is as good a day as any to show them some appreciation. A 7-ring D-ring check binderis a sleek, professional addition to any financial professional’s arsenal. If you’re feeling extra generous, slip some gift cards into the plastic inner pocket for that ‘cherry on top’ surprise.

Our check binder pairs well with any of these punny printables and a fistful of (chocolate) gold coins.


 6. For your least favorite in accounting 

accounting valentine ideas

 Look, it’s a great gift! But envelopes are still envelopes, and it’s no 7-ring check binder. You can at least pat yourself on the back knowing you got them the best envelopes – our #10 windowless security envelopes, 100 count. The good stuff.

Our envelopes pair well with this obligation card and the spare change of candy.


 7. For teachers (honorable mention) 

Valentine gift ideas for teachers

We don’t all have teachers as our coworkers, but we’d be remiss to leave them off our Valentine’s day supply list since February is a time when most school teacher’s supply closet supplies begin to dwindle. Consider supporting your local educators by grabbing some classroom basics – like a rainbow of folders– and making their Valentine’s Day rosier.

Our colorful folders pair well with this clever card and these nut-free pretzelgrams.


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