Behind the Blue: Meet Larry, Our Chief Happiness Officer

November 28, 2018 3 Comments

Meet Larry, Our Chief Happiness Officer and favorite French bulldog


When Owen Franklin walks into his favorite local barbecue joint, he’s always greeted with the same question:

“Where’s Larry?”

Over the last two years, Owen’s gotten used to this treatment. He may be the CEO and mastermind behind a fast-growing office supply business, but even that is sometimes eclipsed by his French bulldog, Larry.

Everyone who knows Larry loves her. From the bank drive-through to the office, Larry’s big ears and bigger personality are how people have come to know Blue Summit Supplies. Her cheer and loyalty are the inspiration for our customer service, and this key contribution earned Larry the title of Chief Happiness Officer.

But who is Larry – and why is she called ‘Larry’? We teamed up with Owen and Tiffany Franklin, proud puppy parents, to learn all things Larry.


Blue Summit Supplies Larry the French Bulldog


Larry, the Girl Dog

Growing up, Owen spent a lot of time around animals; oftentimes, sick animals.

As the son of a veterinarian mother, Owen saw firsthand how much effort went into caring for pets. He decided he didn’t want pets, even though he’d always liked the idea of a dog named Larry. It was a decision he was confident would never change.

At least until he fell in love.

When he married Tiffany, she said she did want a pet – a dog, specifically – and Owen found himself reconsidering. She wanted a female dog, a French bulldog. He wanted to name it. This was their compromise: Tiffany could have her French bulldog, but Owen got full naming rights. 

A few months later, they became proud parents to their girl French bulldog, Larry. 

And Owen’s stance on pets now?

“Best money I ever spent,” he grins, before rethinking his words and adding, “Well. After that engagement ring.”


Larry and Owen - Blue Summit Suppoes


Larry at Work: From Couch Potato to Supervisor 

Since her earliest days, Larry has been a part of Blue Summit Supplies. She first served as Owen’s couch companion when Blue Summit was just an idea operating from a living room. As Owen grew his knowledge of the office supply business, Larry honed her encouragement skills, mostly through cuddles.

With Larry’s support, Owen grew Blue Summit Supplies into a legitimate, profitable business. It wasn’t long until he needed help. He hired his first non-canine employee in early 2018, and by year’s end, he had assembled a team of eight full-time team members. Nine, including Larry – a number we expect to expand in the near future.

Now, Larry comes to the office almost every day and oversees operations from the comfort of her coworkers’ laps.


Larry the French Bulldog 

Larry Outside the Office

Despite her professional focus, Larry understands the value of leading a balanced life. She works hard, plays harder, and understands the importance of looking out for others. Most often she does this by ensuring Tiffany and Owen get their exercise in by taking her on short walks.

Inspired by Larry’s generous spirit, Owen has made it a mission to do good through his company. His goal for Blue Summit Supplies is to improve the lives of everyone it touches, whether it’s through excellent customer service, reasonable office supply prices, or the little Larry stickers we sneak into some orders.

We try to embody Larry’s giving nature by making philanthropy a focus. Blue Summit Supplies is still in its early stages, but we’ve found ways to support our community – most recently, sponsoring a local high school’s girls’ soccer team. This decision was especially Larry-approved, since it included providing a banner emblazoned with her smiling face.

This giving nature is integral to what Blue Summit Supplies stands for. As Owen has said from the beginning, “We exist solely to add value to our sphere of influence.” And Larry is at the heart of it all.


Larry the Frenchie Blue Summit Supplies


Larry, Our Mascot

Dogs are known for their loyalty and unconditional love, and Larry is no exception. Thanks to her big heart and loving nature, she’s become our Blue Summit Supplies mascot.

As an office supply company, we work tirelessly to provide individuals and businesses with high-quality, low-cost supplies as quickly and easily as possible. What drives us is people – from those manufacturing our goods to the customers we serve. We want to add value to our sphere of influence. We want to make the world a better place.

Just like Larry.  


Rachel Eubanks is a lifelong educator in Huntsville, Alabama who helps other mompreneurs tell their stories online through digital and social media. As a homeschooling momma of two, Rachel loves reading, hiking with her boys, and writing. You can find her online at Inspire to Engage.

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April 12, 2019

I loved reading about Larry! If all companies would operate like this, it would make my job as an Office Manager a lot more fun! Thanks for putting more into your business than just product and money.


April 04, 2019

I liked you guys before. But! I love Larry. This is the cutest! I like feeling like I’m purchasing from people and not just a business.

Marcy Reamsnyder

December 12, 2018

I love Larry. I am glad to have the pleasure of meeting her at the office and enjoying her great doggy hugs!!!

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