Unique New Year's Resolutions for the Workplace

Out with the old and in with the new! 2019 is here and with it, a new slate of unique new year’s resolutions.

It’s been proven that most of us – an overwhelming most of us – don’t achieve our resolutions. Often this is because our eyes are bigger than our stomachs when it comes to self-improvement. We make sweeping, grand plans like ‘I’ll lose twenty pounds’ or ‘I’ll be more organized.’ These sorts of resolutions are difficult since the goals are so huge we’ve often doomed ourselves to fail.

This year, instead of pledging to simply ‘be a better worker,’ think of small, manageable ways you can put this plan into place. Here are some unique new year’s resolutions to help you better yourself professionally.

Maximize your productivity

Maximize your productivity

There are many studies claiming people feel most creative in the morning. Maybe this is true for you, or maybe you get a second wind after your afternoon cup of coffee. Whatever your workplace ‘golden hour,’ see if you can tap into your most productive time of day and push yourself to go the extra mile. This will make you feel more productive and has the fringe benefit of potentially impressing your peers and superiors.

Resolution: I will spend five extra minutes per day during my ‘golden hour’ to ensure my work is not just good, it’s perfect.


      Handle annoying secondary tasks

      Handle annoying secondary tasks

      We all have those extra ‘things’ to do at work that are so low on our priority list they just never get done. Tasks like filing away documents, cleaning out desk drawers, and going through backed-up emails feel more like time killers than productivity. But having these little stressors living in the periphery of our minds can be stressful and negatively influence our working moods.

      This year, make time to handle these annoying necessities. Set aside time each week to handle the low-priority. This will reduce ‘white noise’ stressors and facilitate a sleek, organized work environment.

      Resolution: I will handle the little things in a timely manner.

      replace time-wasters with growth

      Replace time-wasters with growth

      We’re all guilty of messing around while on the clock. No one can stay focused for eight straight hours a day; it’s difficult to even stay focused for four straight hours a day.

      But instead of spending your ‘spare’ work time on sites like Facebook or Reddit’s front page, take mental breaks on sites that will benefit you professionally. Find a niche blog that covers topics in your field and stay abreast of current trends and goings-on in the professional world. Reddit isn’t all bad; there might be a good subreddit dedicated to your field. Check that one out instead of browsing /r/aww for the five hundredth time.

      Resolution: I will spend spare time browsing useful sites instead of silly sites.

      be early

      Be early

      I know, I know – the thought of having to wake up any earlier than we already do isn’t appealing to me, either. But studies show that an earlier start to your day produces many benefits like a better sleep, increased energy, and sharper focus.

      Don’t shock your system by setting your alarm for 5 a.m. straightaway. Instead, consider waking up ten or fifteen minutes earlier each day, or every couple of days. If you usually get up at 7:30 and dash out of the door at eight, try waking up at 7:15 and using those extra fifteen minutes to have a more leisurely shower or a more relaxed breakfast. Push that wakeup back fifteen minutes until you have a morning routine that starts your day off serene, not stressed.

      Resolution: I will wake up fifteen minutes earlier every few days until I have a pleasant morning routine.

      Go easier on yourself

      Go easier on yourself

      Oftentimes when it comes to workplace negativity, we’re our own worst enemy. But this sort of hard-knock handling of our own psyche can impact our lives. It can often bleed over from the office into our personal perception of ourselves.

      In 2019, make a point to be kinder to yourself. If you make a mistake or underperform, learn from it and move on. Don’t spend time beating yourself up for something that’s happened and is over. Make the necessary amends, do better next time, and be kind to yourself.

      Resolution: I will learn from my mistakes and forgive myself for them.


          These are our resolutions for 2019 – what are some of yours? Leave a comment below, or find us on social media. Tweet us at @bluesummitsupp or drop a comment on our Instagram, @bluesummitsupplies.


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