Made in the Rocket City: Botanica Plant Shop

Blue Summit Supplies presents Made in the Rocket City, a video series showcasing the diverse local business of our hometown - Huntsville, Alabama. 

This episode features Botanica Plant Shop, Huntsville’s very first house plant shop that serves springy green leaves and good vibes. You can your perfect plant baby here thanks to the help of knowledgeable staff like shop manager Stephanie, who walked us around the shop and shared some of her personal journey with becoming a part of the Huntsville community.

“I’ve been able to develop a really cool plant community with folks. A lot of us have a similar story – depression and a little anxiety. Coronavirus boosted that for many of us and we are just finding that ‘hey, I feel better when I have these plants in my home and when I’m caring for these plants.’”

Stephanie also gave us insight into why her most highly recommended plants are zizis and snake plants, which are practically indestructible, and pothos, because they’re ‘more versatile and have a lot of variety.’ But her favorite? Monsteras.

Check out this episode of Made in the Rocket City to learn more about Botanica, and keep an eye on the Blue Summit Supplies Facebook page for more insider info on other Rocket City organizations.



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