What is the Best Painters Tape?

When you’re working on a painting project, it’s important to pick the best quality painters tape to get the best quality results. This tape guide will help you find out what is the best painters tape.


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Here are our favorite picks for the best painters tape.


Scotch Painters tape

Blue Summit Supplies Painters Tape

Frog Painters Tape



How to Pick the Best Painters Tape

We’ve pointed out some of the best painters tapebrands, but there are some key points you should take into consideration choosing the best painters tapefor your project.

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Depending on your project and the materials, look into different colors of painters tapes that will fit your project specifically. Even though blue is the standard painters tape and it’s really all you need for any basic painting project, each of the colors listed are made specifically for certain types of surfaces

What’s the Difference Between Green and Blue Painters Tape?

Though painters tape is most commonly seen in blue, there are many other colors as well. The difference between green and blue painters tapeisn’t extreme, but each is made differently for use in specific situations.

Both green and blue painters’ tape is made to easily peel away without sticky residue. But green painters tape is designed to provide protection for harsher surfaces, like brick and concrete, whereas blue painters tape can still provide protection to such surfaces but has a harder time staying attached than green painters tape.

When it comes to colors, here’s a handy guide:

  • Purple painters tape is generally used for more delicate surfaces. These surfaces may include hardwood flooring, wallpaper, or any surface with a finish.
  • Yellow painters tape is for outdoor surfaces such as house paneling and trim. These materials may be made from metal, wood, or vinyl, and yellow painters tape is the perfect option.
  • Green painters tape can be used for rough surfaces whether they be indoors or outdoors. More specifically, its used for any hard surfaces like brick, cement, or unfinished wood.

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Painters tape usually comes in two standard sizes: 1.88” and .94”. When you consider your painting project, both of these sizes should be up to the task; however, depending on the kind of project, one size of tape might be a better choice.

If you’re taping a room in preparation for painting, thinner tape is the best option for baseboard coverage and trim. If you’re taping doorways with a thicker edge, we recommend the wider sized painters tape.


Blue Painters Tape vs. Masking Tape

Masking tape and painters tape are very similar in look and feel, so it is easy to think that they are interchangeable. Painters tape has qualities specific to aiding the painting process, and while masking tape does have similar qualities, it’s still not designed especially for painting. Masking tape has a higher chance of letting paint slip passed it’s adhesive as well as leaving behind some stickiness after being removed.That being said, if you aren’t able to get your hands on any painters tape, masking tape is a good second choice. Take a few more precautions when you are applying the tape and as you paint, to keep from cleaning up a mess. Here are a couple tips

  • Heat the tape up a bit before you apply it to the surface. Try using a hairdryer to make the roll of tape just a little warm; this will make the tape stick better to your surface.
  • Paint thin coats. With thinner coats, you can avoid paint from dripping and leaking through your tape.
  • Remove the tape sooner rather than later. Removing the tape a few hours after you have applied your last coat of paint will make the peeling process much easier.
Masking vs. Painters Tape

    The Best Tapes of Every Kind

    When it comes to projects, there’s a type of tape for every need. Here are some of our favorites that go beyond painting.

    Duct tape

      Packing tape 

      While tape is important for packing, packing supplies is a huge part of sending packages. These are a few of our recommendations for finding cheap packing supplies.

      1. Go the wholesale route. Even if you aren’t sure how many packages you’ll be sending, you’ll always save more in the long run if you buy wholesale packing supplies.
      2. Blank paper might be your cheapest option when you are trying to add some padding to your package. Other cheap packing supplies options are packing peanuts or air pillows.
      3. Reuse your packaging. Use the packaging materials you receive in the mail to ship your products. You may not be able to reuse every box or packing peanut but salvaging even just a few items will help you save some money.
      cellophane tape

        How to Use Painters Tape

        This is dependent on the type of project, but here are a few general guidelines for applying painter tape.

        1. Clean the surface before you apply the tape. Make sure your surface is free of any dust and dirt; this will make applying the tape much easier. If you get the surface even just a little damp, be sure to dry it off completely.
        2. If you’re applying paint to a horizontal surface like a baseboard, don’t fold the tape down onto the trim. Leave it sticking up so it can catch any splatters or drips.
        3. After you’ve attached the tape, use a flat edged tool (like a putty knife) to seal it. Since painters tape is designed to come up easily, this step is really important. If you don’t seal it well, your tape may easily come up, leaving you to scrub off unwanted paint.

        How long can you leave blue painter's tape on?

        Painters tape can be left for up to 60 days.

        While this is a general rule, the longevity of your tape is ultimately dependent on your project and your environment. For the best results, it’s recommended to remove the tape while the paint it still slightly wet.This is the safest option when it comes to removing your tape.

        If you live in a more humid environment, humidity will affect how fast your paint dries, so you might have to wait a little longer before you can remove your tape.

        If you choose to leave your painters tape on for a few days, it won’t affect your paint job but it may make the removal a little less clean.

        What Else Can You Use Painters Tape For?

        Painters’ tape isn’t limited to painting projects. Here are a few of its other uses.

        • Rearranging furniture. Rearranging furniture is exhausting; reduce the stress and strenuousness of it by using painters’ tape. Measure out your furniture and tape out potential arrangements to find the perfect layout without the back-and-forth exertion.
        • Remove splinters from a freshly cut piece of wood. Freshly cut wood is often full of splits and cracks. You could choose to stand it down, but let’s face it, that’s a lot of work. Using painters’ tape, you can strip it of all splintered edges by simply adhering and removing the tape.
        • Plan out your wall décor. Just like planning a new furniture layout, you can plan your wall décor before you put anything up. Use painters’ tape to mark potential spots you might want to hang your wall art. You can take a step back to look over your arrangement before putting any holes in the wall.
        • Make a game for the kids. Use painters’ tape on your porch to make a foursquare court, or mark off hopscotch in your living room. It doesn’t matter when you put it because it can easily come right off whenever you want.

          Other uses for painter's tape

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