Gifts Under $30 For Coworkers

You’ve got the gifts for your family, you’ve handled the gifts for your friends. But what about your work family and friends?

Shopping for coworkers can be tricky. You don’t want to go too big, but you don’t want to go too small, either. Sometimes office rules limit what you can bring, and etiquette dictates you can’t just get everyone tiny bottles of booze.

Thankfully, there’s one foolproof route you can take to show your colleagues you care: the best office supplies.

Your supply closet probably has all the pen and paper you need, so treat your coworkers to something a little sweeter. Here are our favorite gifts for coworkers this holiday season.

  1. Metal Mesh Desk Organizer, $12.99, Blue Summit Supplies

Our durable and compact desk organizer has 7 separate compartments to keep your desk neat and tidy. Keep your pens, pencils, and scissors in their designated spots. Hide your good candy from sight inside the tiny little drawer. On second thought, maybe just keep this gift for yourself, since it’s so awesome.

  1. A Rainbow of Clipboards, $15.99, Blue Summit Supplies

rainbow folders

Shopping for multiple coworkers? Our pack of 6 clipboards has got you covered. With an assortment of colors, there’s something for everyone – even Jan in HR. And thanks to our low prices, the cost averages out to $2.67 a clipboard, meaning you can spend the rest of your budget on the coworkers you do like.

  1. Workbook in Oxford Blue, $22.00, Appointed

Because Blue Summit doesn’t sell notebooks (yet), you’ll have to go elsewhere for your bound paper needs. This high-filuten ring-bound notebook is a good gift for your boss, or for that one coworker who always insists they’re busier than everyone else.

  1. Black Leather Portfolio with White Stitching, $14.99, Blue Summit Supplies

Our portfolio looks sleek, feels quality, and is hyper functional. It makes a great gift for that one coworker who can’t seem to leave a meeting without fifteen sheets of paper spilling out of their arms. Or for you, since you’re a go-getter and this portfolio looks executive as hell.

  1. Fancy Pen & Pencil Set, $29.97, uni

If you have a coworker without a discernible personality, this pen and pencil set is a great option. It’s nice, but it’s not too nice. Plus, if you end up liking it, you can always ‘accidentally’ swipe it from their desk when they’re distracted.

  1. 24 Pocket Multicolored Expanding File, $12.49, Blue Summit Supplies

As our Creative Director Shannon Miller puts it, “This expanding file changed my life.”

Make your coworkers as happy as Shannon. Gift them this expanding file and watch their eyes light up as they pull it open and realize they have so much room for activities.

  1. 3 Pads of Hexagonal Sticky Notes, $7.99,

Blue Summit has plans to break into the cute office supply niche, so stay tuned for pretty desk accessories. Until then, you can satisfy your paper-goods sweet tooth by snagging this pastel sticky note trio. This makes a great gift for literally anyone on the marketing team.

  1. 3 Rolls of Heavy Duty Duct Tape, $15.99, Blue Summit Supplies

Duct tape may not seem like a luxury item, but three rolls of it sure is! Make your favorite IT tech’s day by ensuring he has more rolls of duct tape than the other IT techs. He is now the duct tape king. You’ve given him everything he’s ever wanted.

Which of these suggestions will you be grabbing? How do you usually shop for your coworkers? We’d love to hear about it! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, to let us know, or drop a comment below. Happy shopping!



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Grace Treutel is Blue Summit Supplies' Director of Culture. Currently she’s in training to become a Marriage & Family Therapist though her greatest love will always be the written word. Her three novel manuscripts have not yet been published - but just you wait. She lives in Huntsville with her  cute kids and cute pets.

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I am so thankful I found Blue Summit Supplies website. Your suggestions are a godsend.

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