Made in the Rocket City: Open Door

Blue Summit Supplies presents Made in the Rocket City, a video series showcasing the diverse local business of our hometown - Huntsville, Alabama.

This episode features Open Door, a local organization providing the tools for independence to individuals with autism.

“We are a business that promotes diversity inclusion for those with autism spectrum disorder,” says David Stidger, founder and leader of Open Door. “We have about 30 local companies that are our partners where they’ve agreed to let clients come in, they learn job skills and it gives them resume material, and at the same time these businesses are getting to promote diversity and inclusion, and more importantly, neurodiversity in the workplace. Autism acceptance and awareness is great, but at a point it comes to action.”

We also got to speak to a client about what Open Door has done for him and how they’ve helped improve his life and got to see some on-the-job goings on of what it means to be an Open Door Client.

Check out this episode of Made in the Rocket City to learn more about Open Door and keep an eye on the Blue Summit Supplies Facebook page for more insider info on other Rocket City organizations.



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