Made in the Rocket City: Holtz Leather Co.

Blue Summit Supplies presents Made in the Rocket City, a video series showcasing the diverse local business of our hometown - Huntsville, Alabama.

Our second season highlights Huntsville staples, and this week we're shining the spotlight on Holtz Leather Co. Learn with us about how they get their start, what motivates the Holtz family, and why they chose Huntsville to launch a life-changing business.

For more artisan content, follow Holtz Leather Co. on Facebook, check out their site at, and follow them on Instagram @holtzleatherco. To see what we at Blue Summit Supplies are up to and stay updated about our Made in the Rocket City series, follow us on Facebook at Blue Summit Supplies, Twitter @bluesummitsupp, and on Instagram @bluesummitsupplies!


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