Top 5 Huntsville-Based Podcasts

It’s no secret that the Rocket City is awash with ridiculously talented people from diverse backgrounds. If you toss a stone into a crowd, there’s a good chance you’ll hit a rocket scientist. But did you know that we also have our fair share of Huntsville, Alabama based podcasts?

In this list, we’ll reveal some of our favorite Huntsville podcasts and give you a glimpse into what they offer! 


Beyond Rockets Podcast

Beyond Rockets

In this podcast, Clark Dunn explores what Huntsville has to offer beyond our famous contributions to space explorations. He hosts unique guests on his podcast that range from artists, bakers, and paper petal makers to tech company representatives, local culture influencers, restaurant owners, and everything in between.

Dunn started this podcast in 2019 and continues to create content at least once a month. Not only is Beyond Rockets a podcast, but Dunn also offers marketing services like social media marketing, website development, consulting, analytics, and content creation.

Catch up on past episodes on any streaming platform or visit the Beyond Rockets website to learn more.

Trash Pandas Podcast

The Trash Panda’s Podcast Network

Local Huntsvillians were all so excited to welcome our new baseball team to Huntsville and even more excited when officials asked us to choose the team name ourselves. Thus, the Trash Pandas were born!

The Trash Pandas Podcast Network follows the team’s success and discusses all things minor league baseball. In the podcast, you’ll hear play-by-play broadcaster Josh Caray present conversations with prospects and personnel from the organization and in-stadium emcee Ricky Fernandez chat about the latest news and promotions. If you love baseball and would like to keep up with your local team, make sure to listen to The Trash Panda’s Podcast Network wherever you get your podcasts! 

The Downtown Explorer Podcast

The Downtown Explorer

The Downtown Explorer Podcast covers all things downtown Huntsville and drops a new episode every Thursday. Join Downtown Huntsville, Inc.'s President and CEO, Chad Emerson, in interviewing leaders and entrepreneurs that help to make the Rocket City Center thrive.

Emerson has interviewed a wide variety of city officials, real estate moguls, urban development movers and shakers and more to keep the growth and revitalization of downtown Huntsville in the forefront of everyone’s minds. He also sits down with downtown restauranters and entrepreneurs to talk about how businesses start, survive, and thrive in the downtown area.

If you’re looking for a downtown Huntsville podcast, this is the podcast for you! Listen on Apple Podcasts or directly through their website.

Standard Office Procedures Podcast

Standard Office Procedures

We couldn’t have a list of podcasts and not include our very own, Standard Office Procedures,. In Standard Office Procedures, Grace, our Director of Culture, and Shannon, our Director of Marketing, help professionals live and grow through culture, communication, and candor.

Each episode centers around a work-related issue or topic and dissects it in a way that helps the listener be more confident and prepared in the different scenarios of professional life. We’ve covered office etiquette, surviving toxic work environments, overcoming imposter syndrome, building workplace confidence, asking for a raise, and so much more.

Grace and Shannon have such chemistry and flow that you’ll feel like you’re hanging out with old friends talking about your day while learning and growing as a professional.

 Listen wherever you stream your podcasts or directly on our website.

The Rocket Punch Show Podcast

The Rocket Punch Show

The Rocket Punch Show is for all the gamers and self-proclaimed geeks out there.

From their site, ‘Hosted by Cameron and Seth from the Rocket Punch crew in Huntsville, AL, each week they bring you insightful commentary on the latest news and happenings in the video game world, geek culture, and more! If you ever need to know where the crew stands on the latest game releases, how they believe the latest breaking news could affect the industry, or just need a laugh or two, then this podcast is for you!’

Listen on Spotify and Apple Podcasts, or watch on their Youtube channel. The Youtube channel also features game streaming videos, interviews, and all sorts of other geek/gaming gold

Whether you’re interested in baseball, city development, work/life balance, all things Huntsville, or just general gaming and geekery, podcasts in Huntsville have got you covered. We’re a city of creativity and our podcasts reflect it.

Honorable mentions to some podcasts that have fabulous backlogs of episodes but aren’t actively adding to their podcast are: In Tune with TMill, Uprising, Know Huntsville, and People of Huntsville!


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