Huntsville’s 7 Best Spots for Remote Work

Whether you’re a Rocket City local or a recent transplant, you know there’s no shortage of cafes and cool spots in Huntsville, Alabama – and we’re still growing.

But what are the best places for remote work in Huntsville?

We know that the safest way to socially distance is by staying in and working from home, but sometimes distractions make it impossible. Anyone with kids, needy pets, or extra-affectionate partners knows what I’m talking about.

To help at-home working warriors, we at Blue Summit Supplies have put together a guide to Huntsville’s 7 best spots for remote work, plus a free downloadable map of all local Huntsville coffee shops, libraries, and coworking spaces.

Huntsville's 7 Best Spots for Remote Work



angel's island logo

1. Angel’s Island Coffee

This little coffee shop is a fan favorite. When we took to Huntsville Instagram fans to ask locals their recommendations on their ‘best remote work spots,’ Angel’s Island came up again and again. Even our Director of Marketing, Shannon, recommended it – “I used to stay for hours and buy coffee after coffee and sometimes lunch.”

Located in South Huntsville, Angel’s Island is a free-standing local coffee shop with a drive-through in case you’re just passing through. Their iconic yellow exterior makes them hard to miss, and their interior is small but cozy and allows for comfortable social distancing while you work.


angel's island


Angel’s Island Coffee has a chill, non-pretentious ambiance consisting of friendly baristas, soft acoustic background music, and delicious coffee, tea, and food. They also have plenty of good-sized tables so you can spread out and have everything you need at your fingertips for maximum productivity.


Accessible outlet rating: They had plenty of open wall outlets when I visited at 8:30 a.m. 4/5


four outlets


Drink Suggestion: I got the Piper and Leaf Orchard Peach with a hint of sweetness, iced.

Hours: 6-8 on Monday through Friday, 9-8 on Saturday, and closed on Sunday. These hours may be different due to COVID-19.


Canadian Bakin bread logo

2. Canadian Bakin Bread

    Everyone knows carbs and productivity go hand in hand, so where better to fuel your focus than our favorite Huntsville bagels bakery? Canadian Bakin Bread is a relatively new Huntsville staple – they opened in 2020 – but have already cemented themselves as a go-to spot for remote work.


    Canadian Bakin


    This downtown-adjacent business is located just off Church Street and has an array of artisan coffees, teas, and bagel sandos to feed your needs. They also have tables in varying sizes – I sat at their smallest table today and was still able to fit my laptop, notebook, and tea on top.


    Accessible outlet rating: The wall outlets are present but with social distancing, it may be a little tight. Still, I was able to plug in no problem when I visited during their busier lunch hours. 4/5


    four outlets


    Drink Suggestion: They have rotating specials that are always good, but their Miel Latte is a honey-cinnamon latte that tastes like an autumn kiss.

    Hours: 7-3 on Tuesday through Friday, 8-2 on Saturday, and closed on Sunday and Monday. These hours may be different due to COVID-19.


    gold sprint logo

    3. Gold Sprint Coffee

      Gold Sprint Coffee is located near Lowe Mill in Huntsville’s West Side and is the perfect place for all plant people. Their interior is an eclectic mix of local art, overflowing planters, and vintage-inspired décor, and something about spending a half hour or more at this location puts my creativity into overdrive. Maybe it’s the indie background music they always have playing; maybe it’s the ethereal, fairy-like demeanor of their dreadlocked barista. Whatever it is, it works.

      Plus, in the evening they become our favorite coffee shop with beer and wine in Huntsville, so your workday can roll right into your after-work relaxation.


      gold sprint coffee


      Accessible outlet rating: Their main seating area tends to be occupied, but their adjoining room (filled with even more plants) has easily accessible wall outlets on either wall. 3/5


      three outlet


      Drink Suggestion: I swear by the Signature Matcha Latte, which is just the right, light amount of sweet with a hint of lavender, though my coffee-loving friends get the El Camino which is “a double shot of espresso, house-made mocha and house-made habanero syrup, steamed milk and topped with cinnamon.”

      Hours: 7-5 Monday through Saturday and 9-5 on Sunday. These hours may be different due to COVID-19.


      hmcpl logo

      4. Huntsville-Madison County Public Library

        If you want a quieter atmosphere (or maybe just don’t want to spring for coffee), the Downtown Huntsville Library is a great option for remote work.

        Close to both downtown and the Medical District, the Huntsville-Madison County Public Library is a three-story behemoth that boasts several sections of tables for working as well as private conference, meeting, and study rooms that can be rented out.




        Plus, if you really want to put your nose to the grindstone and focus, I recommend heading up to the tables on the third floor near the archival collection. The smell of old books is intoxicating and honestly, what’s better than that?


        Accessible outlet rating: They have outlets in the floor by each table on the third floor. Yes, please. 5/5


        five outlet


        Hours: 10-6 on Monday through Thursday, 10-5 Friday and Saturday, and closed on Sunday. These hours may be different due to COVID-19.


        dark side logo

        5. Dark Side Coffee

          You knew this list would be mostly coffee shops, right?

          Dark Side Coffee is Huntsville’s North Huntsville coffee shop and it is cozy. The inside is decked out with greenery – even hanging from the ceiling – and their walls are hand-painted with uplifting messages in bold colors.


          darkside coffee


          When I visited midmorning on a Thursday, they were playing chill R&B and their small, socially distant tables were almost full. Still, I was able to find space, settle in, and get to work, and the baristas were super friendly. The entire space and atmosphere is incredibly welcoming and laid-back for a coffee shop, which I loved. 


          Accessible outlet rating: I spotted 3 open outlets while I was there, one of which had an adapter on it to allow for even more plugs. 3/5


          three outlet


          Drink Suggestion: If you like strong coffee, try their Americano. It’ll keep you protected from the midafternoon slump.

          Hours: XX


          storehouse logo

          6. Stovehouse

          Stovehouse, located off Clinton Avenue, is our most COVID-careful location of the bunch since most of its seating is either outside or in a large, glassed-in space. Plus, Stovehouse is awesome since it offers plenty of food and beverage options, so working through lunch becomes something to enjoy rather than dread.

          If you're looking for Huntsville meeting locations, Stovehouse is a great option thanks to the indoor seating areas, which is nice for teams working remotely who may need to meet up monthly or every now and then to go over things in person.




          My only word of advice is to check the weather before you go. If it’s chilly, grab a jacket, and if it’s sweltering, you may want to make sure covered areas or indoor seating is available, since… it’s outside.


          Accessible outlet rating: It’s an outdoor venue so outlets are limited, though they do have some near the smaller tables close to the restaurant storefronts. 2/5


          two outlet


          Food Suggestion: Fresko Grille always does right by me. Chicken shawarma bowl with tzatziki sauce and baba ghanoush every time, though Kamado Ramen and Oh Crepe! are both tied for second place.

          Hours: They’re open from 8-11 on weekdays, though each business within Stovehouse may have their own hours. These hours may be different due to COVID-19.


              spaces logo

              7. Spaces

                This is an honorary mention remote work location since I didn’t actually remotely work from here. I have, however, visited Spaces when we filmed our brand video, and I can speak from experience how beautifully decorated and quiet it is inside.

                Located on the Madison side of Huntsville right near the Arsenal, Spaces is ideal for a professional who is working entirely remotely but may need a designated space that is a bit more permanent – and isn’t their home – to do so. I say this because memberships at Spaces come with a fee and tend to be on a month-by-month basis. However, they’re flexible with their plans, so give them a call for pricing info to work out what’s best for you.


                spaces Huntsville


                Pro-tip: You can also rent meeting rooms starting at $35 per hour.

                (I promise we don’t get commission from this; I just think Spaces is cool.)


                Accessible outlet rating: This place was literally built for remote working, so their outlet game is fire. 6/5


                six outlet


                Hours: Literally whenever you want. 24/7, baby.


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