Huntsville’s Best Places to Incorporate Exercise into Your Workday

In this fast-paced, tech-oriented world, it’s easy to get caught up in the grind and to forget to prioritize our physical and mental health, but taking time to check in with your body and mind throughout the week is extremely important. In this article, we explore a few of our favorite Huntsville spots where you can take a physical break before, during, or after your work day to focus on your body. Movement is paramount and we want to make finding ways to get up and get moving easy and stress-free for you!

First, let’s take a look at some of Huntsville’s gyms and fitness centers.

 Downtown Express YMCA

1. Downtown Express YMCA

    The Downtown Express YMCA is centrally located by Big Spring Park and has exercise options to fit every need. Not only do they have a full fitness center, but they also offer affordable options for personal training and child care for those who need it.

    There are group exercise classes, online workout options, and a pool for some quick laps or joining in their water exercise programs. You can choose to pay for the day or sign up for a monthly membership that gives you access to other local YMCAs.

    The Downtown Express YMCA is located at 101 Church Street and its hours of operation are 5AM to 7PM Monday-Friday, 7:30AM to 2PM, and Sunday Noon-4PM.


    High Point Climbing and Fitness

    2. High Point Climbing and Fitness

      High Point Climbing and Fitness is for those who want to think outside of the box when it comes to their workout routine. High Point is an indoor rock climbing gym that offers personal training and fitness classes, day climbing passes, punch cards, and memberships to the climbing gym. They even have some night yoga classes to return you to zen after a hard day’s work.

      The Huntsville High Point gym is located at 1020 Nunnahsae, N Park Dr NW in MidCity and its hours of operation are M-W-F 6AM-10PM, T-TH 10AM-10-PM, Sat 10AM-10PM, and Sun 10AM-8PM.

       The Fitzgerald

      3. The Fitzgerald

        The Fitzgerald is a reformer pilates studio in Huntsville based on the holistic principles of pilates, though it also emphasizes strength training and cardio elements found in other forms of exercise for a unique, athletic, and highly effective workout.

        Each workout is 50 minutes long and they have a shower and dry shampoo bar that will help make sure you look fresh for the rest of your day. Classes are offered throughout the day starting at 5AM on weekdays and 8:30AM on weekends. They also have live streaming and online options for those that are more comfortable working out at home or even at the office, if yours allows! Pro tip:  You can try your first class for just $10.

        The Fitz Pilates studio is located at 407 St. Clair Avenue SW.


        Light On Yoga Fitness

        4. Light On Yoga Fitness

          Light On Yoga Fitness believes in “finding the fun and joy in fitness.” They provide classes for all levels of yoga students as well as an aerial yoga option for the more adventurous.

          If you find that you benefit more from a slower-paced and flow workout, yoga classes in Huntsville might be a good option for you. Yoga improves strength, balance, and flexibility, which can all suffer when stuck in the office every day.

          Visit them on Vagaro to see the schedule of classes and register for yours! Class schedules change daily but are easily viewed through the app. Light On Yoga Fitness is located at 601 Humes Ave NW in the Five Points district.


          Zoom Indoor Cycling

           5. Zoom Indoor Cycling

            Zoom Indoor Cycling is a great way to burn some major calories in a short amount of time. If cycling sounds like fun to you, this place will rock your world with their 30 and 45 minute sessions starting as early as 5:30AM and going throughout the day. Your workout is an immersive experience with unique studio lighting and concert-quality sound system.

            “Music is the lifeblood of Zoom. The beats of every song are a powerful tool that inspire us, motivate us, and unite us as a community.”

            When you sign up as a new rider you have exclusive access to your first three classes for just $25, which includes your shoe rental. Zoom Indoor Cycling is located at the Avenue in downtown Huntsville at 201 Jefferson Street North, Suite G.


            Sometimes being inside is the last place you want to be if you are trying to escape the office for a quick workout, so where better to exercise than one of the city of Huntsville’s parks? We are very lucky to live in a city that has so many beautiful outdoor spaces that are open to the public. Whether you feel like taking a hike on a Huntsville walking trail, roller skating on a paved Huntsville greenway, or having a walk around a Huntsville park, we’ve got your list of some of our favorite fresh air spaces covered.

            Huntsville Botanical Gardens

            1. Huntsville Botanical Gardens

              The Huntsville Botanical Garden is a magical oasis in the heart of Rocket City. With beautiful flowers and foliage, art exhibitions, and so much more, taking a stroll through the garden would make for an amazing lunchtime escape. Although jogging is prohibited, a brisk walk does just as much good and will allow some much needed time in (controlled) nature.

              The HSVBG is open Monday-Saturday 9AM-5PM and Sunday 11AM-5PM. You are welcome to purchase a day pass or an annual membership.


              Indian Creek Greenway

              2. The Huntsville Greenways

                The Huntsville Greenways are a great way to get in some exercise and breathe in some fresh air outside of the office. Indian Creek Greenway is one of our favorites and is centrally located in Huntsville and Madison.

                “The Indian Creek Greenway begins at Slaughter Road and runs northward for two miles from Old Madison Pike up to Creekwood Park. Another section north of Highway 72 runs one mile. It will eventually total six miles and run to Old Monrovia Road when completed.”

                As you walk, you can enjoy the creek on one side and beautiful woods and farmland on the other. It is paved and open to both foot traffic and cyclists. Parking is available at trailheads on Old Madison Pike and at Creekwood Park. There is also a disc-golf course on over 50 acres of diverse terrain, just in case you wanted a little extra fun in your lunchtime exercise escape. The Indian Creek Greenway is open 24/7 and is a great way to enjoy some time outdoors.


                Big Spring International Park

                3. Big Spring International Park

                  Our outdoor portion wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Huntsville’s Big Spring Park in the heart of downtown. Named for the “Big Spring” that our city was built around, Big Spring Park is a beautiful place to get a little exercise. Ducks, geese, and koi fish keep you company and there is lovely scenery year-round, including the red bridge and cherry trees which were a gift from Japan. There is parking all around the exterior and if you get too hot outside, pop inside the Huntsville Museum of Art for a cool down. Nothing really says Huntsville parks like our beautiful Big Spring Park, located at 200 Church Street.


                  Land Trust of North Alabama

                  4. Land Trust of North Alabama

                    If hiking is your thing or something you’d like to explore, the Land Trust of North Alabama protects over eight public nature preserves that are open from dawn to dusk daily with more than 70 miles of free public trails for hiking, biking, and outdoor recreation. They offer guided hikes and adventures, trail tips and tricks, volunteer days, and more. Check out their website and find a trail that suits your exercise needs.


                    City of Huntsville Parks and Recreation Department

                    Last, but certainly not least, we would like to mention the City of Huntsville Parks and Recreation Department has two indoor swimming facilities, Huntsville Aquatics Center and Dr. Richard Showers, Sr. Pool, both of which are great options if taking a dip is your workday exercise cup of tea.

                    Both facilities have lap swim, water exercise, and water aerobic options that are always overseen by a licensed lifeguard. There is a $4 general admission for the day or 3 month season pass rates for a single person ($70) and for families($140) or a 30 visit punch card that can be used by multiple people and expires one year from purchase ($90).

                    There are so many options in our city to explore new and exciting ways to get active during your work day. Exercise is so important and is too often put on the back burner when it comes to prioritizing our lives. We hope this list gives you some different ideas on how you can get yourself moving and inspires you to take care of YOU!


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