Huntsville Gifts for Coworkers

It’s that time again, y’all – coworker gift guide time! This time, we're sharing where to buy coworker gifts in Huntsville and the surrounding area.

If you’re new to this party, check out our guides to gifts for coworkers from previous years, and buckle in for an even better one this year.

As a small business from Huntsville, Alabama, we at Blue Summit Supplies know how important it is to have the support of our community behind us. Over the last year – despite the many, many obstacles – we’ve managed to connect with our city more than ever before and have met some really wonderful people and organizations in the process.

And what better way to show our love for our fellow Huntsville small businesses than with a local Huntsville gift guide shining a holiday spotlight on some of our favorites?

Check out our guide to local holiday gifts for coworkers – Huntsville style.



Holtz leather 


Holtz Leather

    Feeling fancy? Same, always, and Holtz Leather has you covered. This local artisan leather goods shop has something for absolutely everyone, regardless of budget. Think fine leather coasters, leather notebook covers, hand-poured candles, and leather clutches, coin purses, bags, briefcases, backpacks, and more of all sizes, plus small stocking stuffers for just about anyone including boss gifts, team gifts, and more.

    Plus, we have a Made in the Rocket City feature on Holtz Leather that gives a peek inside their workshop!

    This gift is ideal for your work husband or wife. This gift is not ideal for the conscientious vegan.



    alabama goods


    Alabama Goods

      Alabama Goods is a locally owned Huntsville shop specializing in Alabama-made products. Why not shop local Huntsville gifts for coworker friends? Give someone the gift of Alabama the Beautiful with one of these Alabama-shaped gifts baskets and boxes full of locally made Southern snacks and treats, which can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.

      This gift is ideal for the serial snacker. This gift is not ideal for anyone with poor impulse control since they  will want to eat it all in one go. 



      rocket city trash pandas


      Rocket City Trash Pandas Merch

        Once upon a time, Huntsville got its very own baseball team and voted on what to call it. The winning name? The Rocket City Trash Pandas.

        Give your colleagues the gift of giggles this year by surprising them with some Trash Pandas merch. Trash Panda gifts + Huntsville go perfectly hand-in-hand. The mascot, Sprocket, is super cute, and the level of self-awareness in their humor is top-tier – like their ‘2020 Undefeated Season’ tee, tongue-in-cheek because the Pandas still haven’t played their first game due to COVID.

        Want more on the Pandas? Check out our Made in the Rocket City feature giving you an insider’s look at their brand-new stadium.

        This gift is ideal for your sports fanatic coworkers who love kitsch. This gift is not ideal for anyone without a sense of humor (or with a fear of raccoons).



        in bloom


        In Bloom

          In Bloom is a gifts and flower shop on located in Clinton Row's Downtown Huntsville gift shops, and right now, they are decked out for the holiday season. This is the ideal place to grab all your gifts for holiday fanatics – they have a wide range of ornaments, tea towels, candles, and more, plus a sizable selection of Alabama-centric goods!

          This is a shop best visited in person, so slip on your mask, bundle up against the cold, and make a trip to Jefferson Street downtown to pick out the perfect presents.

          This gift is ideal for the Angelas in your office. This gift is not ideal for the clumsy colleague who accidentally breaks everything.



          blue summit supplies


          Blue Summit Supplies

            What? Blue Summit Supplies made the gift guide this year?! What a crazy coincidence, we are so flattered!

            In case you aren’t in the know, Blue Summit Supplies is an office supply store that offers high-quality office supplies at affordable prices.

             Looking for scissors? Looking for folders? Maybe you’re looking for the crème de la crème of office supplies – envelopes.

            Either way, we’ve got it all, and what says ‘I like you but not in a weird way’ to your coworkers better than shiny new office supplies?

            This gift is ideal for any coworker whose name you don’t know. This gift is not ideal for your significant other.



            pizzelle's confections


            Pizelle’s Confections

              Pizelle’s Confections is a Huntsville chocolate shop based out of Lowe Mill in Huntsville, a venue you may recognize from our Made in the Rocket City series. This locally owned, women-operated chocolatier is a Huntsville staple and their artisan, delicious chocolates make the absolute perfect local gift for coworkers, Huntsville or beyond.

              My personal favorite chocolate? The Goodbye Earl – chocolate ganache with local honey and Earl Gray tea. Ho-ho-holy deliciousness.

              This gift is ideal for anyone who likes good things. This gift is not ideal for your keto colleague.



              the dapperdude collection


              The Dapper Dude

                While 2020 may be rapidly shrinking in our rearview mirror (bye forever, we won’t miss you), we’ll still be sporting facemasks into the new year. But don’t despair – you can stay COVID-cautious in comfort with these Dapper Dude masks.

                Splurge a little on your colleagues (or on yourself) with these uniquely designed, handmade masks made in Huntsville and look stylish while staying safe.

                This gift is ideal for your workplace bestie. This gift is not ideal for… well, no, this gift is kind of perfect for anyone.



                piper and leaf


                Piper & Leaf

                  Piper & Leaf is a personal favorite among our office, and by that I really mean of mine since I drink their local tea at least twice a day, every day.

                  This family-owned and operated tea seller creates their tea blends with as many local ingredients as possible, most grown straight from their own farm, garden, forest, and briar patch.  

                  Plus, they have tea accessories as well as tea and ship just about anywhere. so you're all set on small gifts for coworkers Huntsville based or farther away.

                  Check out our Made in the Rocket City feature on Piper & Leaf and see just why we love them so much.

                  This gift is ideal for the soft-spoken girl who really loves cats. This gift is not ideal for the sales rep with a coffee addiction.



                  green pea press


                  Green Pea Press

                    Want to give the gift of fun fashion? Green Pea Press, a local printshop in Huntsville, has got you covered. Their creative, custom designs are sure to stand out, with t-shirt options ranging from Huntsville-specific to Alabama representation to just straight up funky.

                    If it’s not shirts you’re after, they also sell hats, masks, and more – it’s the ultimate ‘something for everything’ shop if you need to pick up a coworker gift for men, friends, or anyone else on your list.

                    This gift is ideal for the edgy athleisure fanatic who lives for comfort. This gift is not ideal for me, since I own most of their stuff already.



                    Rocket city shop


                    Rocket City Shop

                      Want to keep things simple and straightforward while repping your love of the Huntsville area? Wondering where to get cool local face masks in Huntsville? Check out the Visit Huntsville Rocket City Shop and grab a Huntsville (or Madison) themed face mask.

                      This gift is ideal for the marketing team who posts a lot of selfies. This gift is not ideal for your friend who works for Huntsville city, since they probably already have 3.



                      Still unsure about where to get your local gifts, Alabama? Check out this resource put together to help connect Christmas shoppers with local North Alabama businesses: Get Your Gift On.


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