Blue Summit Supplies Guide to Job Searching

Job searching is tough enough, so we wanted to make it easier by gathering all our resources in one place. Let us lead you from start to finish and streamline the stress out of landing your next career.

At the beginning of any job search, first and foremost you will need a stand-out resume – that is, if you don’t already have one.  It’s highly recommended that you tailor your resume to the job to which you’re applying. Yes, this does seem time consuming, especially if you’re applying to multiple positions at a time, but we promise it will be worth your while.

Don’t let the hiring manager do the guesswork to see if you’re a good fit. Tell them with your resume. Take relevant keywords from the job description and fit them (appropriately) in the descriptions of your own job experience. If you need a little help, consider hiring a resume writing service to give your CV a little boost.

Great, now we’ve got our shiny, new resume. It’s itching in your hands to be sent out. But where do you start?

While the options may seem endless, try narrowing your search within your chosen industry with a few keywords that are commonly used across multiple companies. Two jobs may have the same function but are called different things. For example, try looking for “Communications Coordinator” if you’re searching for marketing or social media positions, or “Content Creator” if you’re into video production or photography.

Look at your existing skills and asses how they could be transferable. Maybe the move from one industry to another won’t be as difficult as you think. Read how you can facilitate a seamless career transition in this next post.

Maybe you already have your dream job and you are looking for a passion project. Maybe you need a few extra coins in your pocket and a side hustle is just the ticket.

 Is it possible to work two jobs at once?

 We’ve got you covered there, too. Check out all the tips and tricks to start freelancing on the weekends or moonlighting after you leave your nine-to-five.

So, you’ve zeroed in on your industry, researched a company, applied for a position and – drumroll please – you are chosen for an interview! Congratulations! Now, let’s ace it.

Whether you’re interviewing remotely, in person, or are required to make a presentation, we want you feeling prepared and confident, ready for any questions the interviewer might throw your way.  

From here, my friend, you’re well on your way to success. At the end of the job search is the beginning of your career. Keep coming back for more resources from Blue Summit Supplies on how to have the best job experience possible.


Lizzie Oldacre is Blue Summit Supplies’ Marketing Manager. She’s incredibly positive, has lived on four different continents and knows how to wear the hell out of a silk scarf. If she’s not working or writing this blog post, you can find her horseback riding, singing in Italian or baking brioche cinnamon rolls.

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