The Benefits of Certified Resume Writing Services


So, it’s time to fix up that resume. Do you know what to include? How to format it? Do you know what the latest resume expectations are or what hiring managers in your industry are looking for? Certified resume writing services can help you create or fine-tune your resume for one less headache during your next job search.

Professional CV services provide an unbiased, objective view of your best strengths, skills, and experience. They’ll give you inside industry information that will help you tailor your resume to what’s expected as well as current industry trends. In addition to all of this, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and unnecessary stress by seeking help from experts who know exactly what they’re doing.

This post is all about certified resume writing services, including the benefits of hiring experts, the types of services available, and the business that can help you.


The Benefits of Professional CV Services

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Get an Objective View

A resume writing service provides a completely objective view of your strengths and weaknesses. They perform an impartial assessment to determine how to best portray your skills and experience.

Do you ever struggle to give yourself compliments? Do you find it difficult to talk about yourself? Someone writing their own resume might embellish the wrong areas, or they may be too humble to truly portray their own strengths. On the other hand, if you are extremely self-confident, you could come across as conceited or braggadocious. 

Having an unbiased, expert opinion can give you confidence that your resume is truly portraying who you are and what you can offer people.

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Receive Insider Industry Input

Trained resume writers have years of experience reading and improving resumes. They know exactly what to include and what hiring managers are looking for. They provide clear industry insight into current trends, desirable skills, and mistakes to avoid.

What specific skills or experience do hiring managers want? What technical requirements are currently necessary for your industry and desired role? What will make you stand out amongst other applicants?

They can also provide advice beyond the resume itself, including ensuring your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date, writing cover letters, and writing cold emails or thank you emails.

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Keep Up With the Times

Things change, and although requiring a resume to get a job is a tried and true process, the expectations continue to evolve. What was once expected might not be anymore. There are many different ways to format a resume, and only so much space available. Resume writing services know what’s expected on a resume, trends to follow or avoid, and the specific skills businesses are looking for at any given time.

For example, hiring for adaptability is a growing trend in many industries. You need to know what businesses and hiring managers are looking for right now so that your resume highlights and demonstrates those specific sought-after strengths.

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Maximize Your Efforts

Time is a valuable commodity, and while you will save money completing and polishing a resume on your own, how much is your time worth?

You could end up spending hours researching what’s expected and improving your own resume when a service could do all of it for you. They already know exactly what to do and can get you an impressive, finalized resume in a matter of days. Seeking help from a service will free up your time to look for more job opportunities, learn desirable industry skills, or practice preparing for interviews.

Plus, a standout resume will help you get hired faster, getting you your next paycheck sooner.

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Increase Your Hiring Chances

In the end, it comes down to achieving your goal of being hired. Resume writing services exist to help you land a job. They provide expert insight and industry experience that will help you build a quality resume.

Asking for help may be exactly what you need to give your resume an edge, and it could be what sets you apart from other applicants who chose to go it alone.

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Do You Need Certified Resume Writing Services?

Depending on what you need and how much you are willing to spend, there are a number of different services available.

Professional resume services:

  • Provide background research on what’s expected in your industry and desired role.
  • Provide background research on prospective employers (if you know where you are applying).
  • Review your previous job history, skills, and education to gather a complete picture of your experience and what you have to offer employers.
  • Choose which strengths, skills, and experiences to highlight.
  • Provide consistent messaging.
  • Help with resume formatting, font decisions, and design work.
  • Review spelling, grammar, and syntax.
  • Assist with writing cover letters.
  • Provide LinkedIn profile consultation.
  • Help with cold email writing.
  • Help with thank you email writing.


If you are quite confident in your resume writing abilities and you’ve never had a problem landing jobs or acing interviews, you may not require a service like this. If, however, you don’t know what to include, how to talk about your strengths, or don’t know what businesses are looking for, an expert opinion is a huge asset.


Signs you could benefit from a resume writing service:

  • You are having trouble finding a job or obtaining interviews.
  • You’ve never written a resume before and aren’t sure where to start.
  • You haven’t updated your resume in many years and are unsure of current expectations.
  • You have trouble pinpointing your own strengths.
  • You don’t know which skills, attributes, education, or work experiences to highlight.
  • You are having trouble fitting everything on one page.
  • You don’t know how to format the resume or choose appropriate colors and fonts.
  • You need a second set of eyes to ensure you don’t have any spelling or grammar errors.
  • You want to have an edge against other candidates.
  • You are applying for a very important position or dream job.
  • You don’t have time to improve your resume on your own.
  • You are changing careers and need advice about what’s expected for other roles or in other industries.


If you’re unhappy in your current industry or are looking for a change, read our article:  When and How to Make a Career Transition.



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Top Resume Writing Services

Resume writing services have varying costs depending on the reputation of the business, the experience of the resume writer, and how much help you need. Look for a reputable service or individual writer with plenty of testimonials and success stories.

Before choosing, pay close attention to what’s included so that you’re not surprised by extra costs. Does the service provide layout and design work? Will they edit for spelling, grammar, and syntax? Are additional revisions included if you require them? Do they offer other services, like LinkedIn profile evaluations or cover letter writing?

The following resume services can help you create a new resume or fine-tune an existing one.





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