Standard Office Procedures: Ep. #47 - Leadership Team Building with Matt Jones

Do you want to foster a healthy work environment fueled by teamwork, collaboration, and mutual respect? Start by cultivating strong leaders.

Without steadfast and healthy leadership, teams can crumble—collaboration slows, trust dwindles, decision making is hindered, and there’s a general lack of enthusiasm and drive.

Strong leaders inspire and motivate those around them. Having strong leaders in your workplace improves productivity, engagement, and the overall wellbeing of your team.

This week on the podcast, Grace and Shannon talk about what strong leadership looks like, and how team-building within your leadership team can help cultivate those strong leaders that a company needs to be successful.

Matt Jones, self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur and VP of Development of the Community Foundation of Greater Huntsville, joins us as special guest to share his advice and knowledge on a realistic approach to team building.

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