Standard Office Procedures: Ep. #46 - Being Present & Practicing Mindfulness at Work with Erika Bartlett

In this fast-paced, task-driven world, where we're all hustling and running from one thing to the next, it can be difficult to slow down, and take a moment to survey ourselves and our surroundings.

When we learn how be in the present moment, how to integrate mindfulness activities into our work day, it can lead to reduced stress, increased productivity, and an improved mood.

This week on the podcast, (while Shannon is on vacation with her family in the magical land of the Great Mouse), Grace and Melvin (our Production Associate) talk about what mindfulness means to them, what it looks like, why it's important, and how it can wildly improve your focus and overall workday.

Joining us on the latter half of the episode is Erika Bartlett, certified yoga instructor and entrepreneur, to share her unique perspective on mindfulness and living in the present moment, and give us advice on how to incorporate mindfulness practices into our daily lives.

You can follow Erika's yoga journey and find her resources on the Zen Bend Facebook page, on Instagram, or on YouTube.

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