Types of Stamps: How to Choose the Best Rubber Stamps for the Workplace

Let’s talk office stamps! If you’re wondering what you might use a stamp for in the workplace, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to discuss a number of different office rubber stamps and self-inking stamps that can save you time and money. We’ll go over 10 types of stamps to help you pick the best rubber stamps for your needs.


Types of Rubber Stamps: How to Choose the Best Rubber Stamps for the Workplace


Traditional Stamp

Traditional Stamps

Traditional stamps come in all shapes and sizes. They are often made out of rubber and can depict any number of symbols, basic images, words, phrases, or numbers.

Traditional stamps require a separate ink pad. Ink pads often come in black, but they are also available in a variety of different colors, including red, blue, or green. If you are looking for something more unique/specific, visit your local craft store to find dozens of different colors and shades. .

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Self Inking Stamps

Self-Inking Stamps

Self-inking stamps take a lot of the hassle out of using a stamp and ink pad. Instead of needing two pieces—the stamp and the ink pad—every time, the ink is built right into the stamp. Simply grab the stamp, take off the cover (if there is one), and you’re ready to go.

Self-inking stamps are available with generic phrases and images as well as custom designs that include either your logo, address, signature, or other company information.

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Custom Stamps

Custom Stamps

Custom stamps come in all shapes and sizes. Instead of including generic information or symbols, custom stamps are designed specifically for your needs.

For a business, this might mean including the business address, a company logo, or other important company information.

Custom stamps are available to order as a traditional stamp that requires an ink pad, or to simplify things, you may choose to purchase custom pre-inked stamps so that you don’t need to worry about supplying ink pads.

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Branded Logo Stamps

Branded/Logo Stamps

Branded stamps or logo stamps are a type of custom stamp that includes a version of your company logo. To be able to order this type of stamp, you must have a version of your logo that works in black or white, meaning only one color/shade will be able to pick up ink while the rest will remain blank. 

Logo stamps are incredibly useful throughout the workplace, and they can save you a lot of money on custom printed items. For example, instead of purchasing custom bags, you can add your logo to any paper packaging with one simple stamp. You can use a branded stamp to add your logo to envelopes, marketing materials, and other artistic projects in the office.

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Signature Stamps

Signature Stamps (Legal)

Ever get tired of signing your name over and over again? While this may be fun for your first 100 or so checks, it gets old pretty quick, especially if you own a business. A signature stamp is another type of custom stamp that includes your personal signature. Instead of signing your name every single time, you can use a signature stamp to add your signature to paper documents.

In most cases, using a signature stamp is legal, so long as you are using it yourself or it is being used with your authorization. For example, you might have an administrative assistant add your signature to biweekly paychecks for your staff.

Signature stamps should always be purchased with caution and kept in a secure location, as your signature is something you don’t want just anyone getting a hold of.

Custom rubber stamp signatures can be purchased just about anywhere you can purchase custom stamps. We recommend choosing a stamp that comes pre-inked, as this will save time, which is the entire point of having a signature stamp.

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Address Stamps

Address Stamps

Address stamps make it easy to add your address to any letterhead or envelope. They can be used in the workplace with your business address or they can include your home address. Either way, they make it quick and easy to add your address to any paper product.

In addition to saving you the time it takes to write out your address every time you send a letter, these stamps ensure your address is crisp and clear every time. You don’t have to worry about making a mistake, and you’ll always know the font is legible.

Purchasing an address stamp can be cheaper than getting custom envelopes printed since you can use the stamp over and over again. You also don’t have to worry about wasting paper and expenses if your address should change. No one wants to throw away boxes and boxes of pre-addressed envelopes during an office move. 😭

The best address stamps include a clear and legible font. Ensure the font is large enough for your customers (and the post office) to read. Pre-inked stamps will save you time and help you maintain a crisp stamp every time. Replace the ink as soon as you notice it beginning to fade to ensure the address continues to be clean and clear.

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Date Stamps

Date Stamps

Date stamps allow you to flow through every possible day of the year. Simply rotate through the possible numbers to set the date you want to be able to stamp.

Date stamps are great for when you need to add a specific date to multiple documents, but they can be frustrating if you only need to add one or two dates at a time. In that case, it’s more efficient to write out the date with a pen or pencil instead of resetting the stamp to the appropriate dates.

Some date stamps come with the month of the year written out—for example, JAN, FEB, MAR. Other date stamps hold a series of 6 digits or 8 digits that allow you to stamp the date using numbers alone. For example, April 28, 2022, would be set to 04 28 22 or 04 28 2022, depending on the number of digits you have available.

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Message Stamps

Message/Phrase Stamps

Message or phrase stamps contain a specific word or phrase that you want to be able to repeat over and over again. For example, you might have a stamp that says VOID that could be stamped on void documents or void checks.

Other examples of message stamps include:

  • COPY
  • PAID

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Multi Stamps

Multi-Phrase Stamps

Multi-phrase stamps serve the same purpose as message or phrase stamps, except they contain multiple options to serve your needs. Simply cycle through a preset list of messages to get to the one you need to stamp.

Another option for multi-phrase stamps is a customizable system that allows you to rotate through a number of different letters, similar to a date stamp. The advantage here is that you can spell out any word, but this can take time to set up and reset when you want to use a different word.

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Finger Print Stamps

Fingerprint Stamps

A fingerprint stamp is really more of an ink pad that allows your finger to act as the stamp itself. These small ink pads are designed to make a crisp and clear impression of your fingerprint for increased security on documents and checks.

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How to Get a Stamp Made

Custom stamps are fairly inexpensive to purchase and simple to order online. If you’re looking for a custom stamp, first reach out to your local office supplies store to see if this is a service they offer.

If purchasing locally isn’t an option, you can order custom stamps online from a variety of different retailers, including VistaPrint, Simply Stamps, and Staples.

For maximum efficiency, the best custom stamps are self-inking or mini self-inking stamps. These types of stamps mean you don’t need to purchase additional ink, which will simplify your office inventory management, and they’ll save you time whenever you need to use the stamp. Self-inking stamps also produce crisp images since they are less susceptible to human error.

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