Meet Our New Staplers

Hold onto your seats, Blue Summit Supplies friends and family, because this just in: staplers.

That’s right, y’all. In our efforts to keep providing you with the best quality office supplies at the most competitive price point, we’ve expanded our catalog of office staples (ha!) to include four new types of staplers.

Along with our popular heavy-duty stapler, we now have the following staplers that are perfect for home, office, and classroom.


Effortless stapler

The Effortless Stapler

    It’s all in the name – make stapling a breeze with our effortless stapler. This stapler is outfitted with anti-jam technology, an easy-load spring-loaded chamber for staples, and an anti-skid base which keeps your stapler in place while protecting your desk from scratches and scrapes.

    Other Names for the Effortless Stapler: The ‘Wow, That Was It?’ Stapler, the ‘I Barely Even Felt That’ Stapler, the ‘Hand Cramp? I Don’t Know Her’ Stapler 

    Effortless stapler

    standard stapler set

    The Standard Stapler Set

      Sometimes, less isn’t more; sometimes, more is more. Tackle your light staple jobs with this three pack of our standard staplers. These can staple up to 15 sheets and are perfect for workplaces with lighter stapling needs. They have a reversible standard clinch anvil which makes it quick and easy to temporarily pin documents together without puncturing the pages. The best part is you get three staplers at a steal so every department can have their own and the ‘who had the stapler last?’ game becomes a thing of the past.

      And, as the icing on the stapler cake, this set of three staplers comes with 6000 staples anda staple remover.

      Other Names for the Stapler Set: The Triplets, the ‘3 for $14.99? I’m Into It’ stapler set, the ‘Ooh, Look, A Staple Remover!’ set

      standard stapler set

      long reach stapler

      The Long Reach Stapler

        You read that right – this stapler is one big boy. Its 12-inch range is designed to make binding things like booklets, catalogs, and pamphlets a no-stress job. Center stitch stapling along the folded spine of booklets is made effortless by the extra deep throat of our long reach stapler, and you’ll achieve consistent alignment thanks to the adjustable sliding paper stop. And, just like our effortless stapler, the long reach stapler has a slip-resistant base that keeps it in place as you staple together pages up to 11” x 17”. The integrated standard and metric measurements (withindented stop points) cements this stapler as a multipurpose office necessity.

        Other Names for the Long Reach Stapler: The Bookbinding Stapler, the ‘Thanks, I Got It’ stapler, the ‘I Can Staple Anything’ stapler

        long reach stapler

        standing stapler

        Standing Stapler Set

          When it comes to binding pages together, our standing stapler set does a stand-up job. Make hand cramps a thing of the past with the ergonomic handheld design and rubber grip. Plus, your workspace can stay neat and tidy with the slim, upright design and anti-skid base.

          Other Names for the Standing Stapler Set: The ‘Wait, There’sTwo?’ Stapler Set, the ‘I Could Do This All Day’ stapler, the ‘No, I Want to Do It’ stapler

          standing stapler

          Heavy duty stapler

          Honorary Mention: The Heavy Duty Stapler

          This stapler is one of our most popular products since it can handle basically any stapling job (up to 240 sheets with the right size staples) and it’s affordable. This sucker can also be used as a paper weight, a self-defense tool in an emergency, or to tone your triceps. (Disclaimer: don’t actually use any of our stuff for the last two.)

          If your organization churns out a high-volume of lengthy documents, our heavy duty stapler is a must.

          Other Names for the Heavy Duty Stapler: The Big Daddy Stapler, the ‘That’sMore Like It’ stapler, Goliath

          heavy duty stapler


          Need staples?

          Feed your staplers with our 5000-count boxes of standard ¼ inch staples. They come in bulk, 10 boxes of 5000 each, and each staple can hold up to thirty pages.

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