7 Office Spring Cleaning Ideas (Plus Yearly, Monthly, and Weekly Cleaning Checklists)

Spring is a time of renewal, and for many people, that means spring cleaning! The change of seasons is the perfect opportunity to dust those cobwebs, reorganize, and liven up your workspace. Let’s talk about office spring cleaning.

Spring cleaning at work doesn’t need to be complicated, and it shouldn’t be something your team dreads. This post will share office cleaning tips and strategies, including printable office spring cleaning checklists to simplify your yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily cleaning processes.


Office Spring Cleaning Ideas and Strategies

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1. Turn Cleaning Into a Team Building Initiative

Turn office spring cleaning into a team building initiative by getting everyone involved. Instead of looking at it as an unpleasant task, make a fun day or half-day out of it and allow your team to work together on tidying and organizing the workplace you all share.

It’s important that you don’t add cleaning tasks on top of an already full workload. Your team should be given extra time away from work duties to focus on the spring cleaning initiative together.

Add some additional incentive by providing fresh cleaning supplies, snacks, and a catered lunch, depending on how much of the day is needed for cleaning. If you can, support a local establishment to build your rapport and recognition within your community.

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2. Get Everyone Involved

Ensuring everyone is a part of spring cleaning builds unity and rapport across your team. You are all in this together, whether you’re a manager, a team leader, or a new hire.

Don’t let any one team or one person take on the brunt of the work. You are a team, so work together to get your workspace to where you’d like it to be. Seeing an owner or CEO contribute to the cleaning initiative humanizes the business and helps ensure everyone feels they are equally vital to the success and wellbeing of the organization.

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3. Prioritize Shared Spaces

Prioritize shared spaces during your spring cleaning initiative—office kitchen, lobby, hallways, break rooms, storage rooms, and shared working areas. These are the spaces that everyone uses and feels ownership over, and they’re often the most neglected.

🧹 Learn more in our guide: How to Keep a Clean Office Kitchen.

These spaces are vital to team morale and wellbeing as they are often where employees spend their breaks and build rapport with one another.

Pay close attention to areas of your workplace that might receive guest traffic. What would a client think if they walked by? What first impressions does your lobby give guests? Do they feel welcomed and comfortable? Are they entering a fresh, clean, and interesting space that speaks to your brand?

How a guest feels in your workspace speaks volumes about your brand.

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4. Provide Guidance and Resources to Keep Personal Spaces Clean

In addition to shared spaces, provide your team with the guidance and resources they need to keep their personal offices or workspaces clean and tidy.

Checklists and clear processes help, but you should also supply all team members with cleaning and organizational supplies, such as file folders, desk organizers, baskets, desk cable management supplies, garbage and recycle bins, and anything else they might need.

Remember to ask for feedback to find out what supplies your team prefers. This will ensure you don’t waste money on unneeded resources and that you give your team the supplies they actually want and will use.

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5. Add Life and Color to Your Workplace

Consider how you can use colorful branding to improve the aesthetic of your workplace while adding a pop of color to spark joy. Your whole team spends a lot of time in your workspace, so do all that you can to make it one each team member enjoys spending time in.

Do you have your company values on display? Do you have clear maps, room labels, and conference room names? Does your lobby and entranceway represent your brand, and will guests feel welcome when they arrive?

Office plants are another great way to add a pop of color and improve the look of your space. Plus, plants aid mental health, improve air quality, and reduce noise levels.

🌿 Read The Benefits of Office Plants and How to Take Care of Them to learn more.

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6. Involve Remote and Hybrid Team Members

In recent years, many offices have adopted a remote work or hybrid working model to better accommodate the needs of team members. Just because some team members work from home doesn’t mean they are excluded from spring cleaning. Now we’re not suggesting remote employees return to the office to clean, but you can show your support for those team members by making allowances for home office cleaning.

What supplies do remote workers need to keep their workspaces clean and tidy? How can your business support these team members in building and maintaining a productive workspace?

When spring rolls around, consider sending remote team members fresh cleaning supplies or providing an allowance for them to purchase these supplies themselves. You may also consider offering a part or full day off of work every spring as an incentive to tidy and keep home workspaces clean. Help your team think intentionally about home office organization, and give them the tools they need to create productive and inspiring workspaces.

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7. Set Clear Cleaning Processes For the Rest of the Year

Spring cleaning is a step in the right direction, but it doesn’t stop there. Office cleaning and maintenance is an ongoing practice that needs attention throughout the year.

Ensure all of your hard work in the spring is maintained throughout the year so that it’s not as big of a project next spring. Establish clear processes so that everyone on the team, including new hires, knows what’s expected, who is responsible for what, and when cleaning tasks must be completed. Build an office cleaning duties list that spreads work around equally. Continually ask your team for feedback to find out if any tasks are being neglected and how you can work to improve your processes.


Spring (or Yearly) Office Cleaning Checklist

Once a year, it’s time for a deep clean. Put on those rubber gloves and tackle any neglected or tough-to-reach spaces. Spring is ideal, but any time of year will do, so long as this cleaning occurs once-a-year.

Use our office deep cleaning checklist for once-a-year cleaning tasks.

Yearly Checklist

Click here to download our free yearly office cleaning checklist!


  • Dust shelves, decorative items, and tough-to-reach spaces
  • Move furniture to clean behind larger items
  • Clean behind the fridge and any other large appliances
  • Clean and defrost the freezer
  • Empty and clean the inside of kitchen cupboards
  • Reorganize supply cupboards
  • Archive or destroy old and unused files
  • Empty desk drawers and dispose of unneeded items
  • Freshen up your lobby and entranceway
  • Test writing utensils and dispose of any that don’t work
  • Dispose of broken or out-of-date supplies, equipment, and technology
  • Deep clean office carpets



Monthly Office Cleaning Checklist

Ensure monthly cleaning tasks are not pushed aside, no matter how busy things get. The more you neglect monthly tasks, the worse it will be when your yearly deep cleaning initiative rolls around.

Download our monthly office cleaning checklist template.

Monthly Cleaning Checklist

Click here to download our free monthly office cleaning checklist!


  • Remove items and disinfect personal desks
  • Wipe down ledges, doorways, and other flat surfaces
  • Wipe down windows and glass
  • Dust hard to reach areas of your workspace
  • Clean keyboards and dust computer monitors
  • Dust and organize bookshelves
  • Replace/update lobby reading materials



Weekly Office Cleaning Checklist

Before rushing away for the weekend, ensure weekly cleaning tasks are completed. This will ensure everyone can come back on Monday ready to get to work, rather than having to catch up on last week’s mess.

Download our weekly office cleaning checklist template.

Weekly Office Cleaning Checklist

Click here to download our free weekly office cleaning checklist!


  • Remove items and disinfect personal desks
  • Remove any leftover items from the refrigerator
  • Clean inside the microwave
  • Tidy conference rooms, lobbies, and other shared spaces
  • Return items, tools, or supplies to the room where they belong
  • Disinfect shared items, including handles, phones, and switches
  • Wash and/or vacuum floors
  • Water office plants



Daily Office Cleaning Checklist

Daily cleaning tasks are the responsibility of every team member. Ask that every person review a short daily list of tasks to complete before leaving for the day. This will ensure the office is ready and welcoming the following morning.

Download our daily office cleaning checklist printable to share with all team members. Keep in mind that this list does not include bathroom cleaning, lobby cleaning, or garbage disposal, which should also occur every day but not fall on any one person.


Click here to download our free daily office cleaning checklist!


If your building doesn’t already provide it, consider hiring a service for these tasks, as they are time-consuming and will take up valuable working hours. While this may be a significant cost for businesses, always consider what you are already paying your employees to complete these tasks—while also reducing morale and potentially risking conflict between team members.

  • Quick tidy your desk before leaving for the day
  • Disinfect high-traffic surfaces (Ex. door handles)
  • Remove and clean any desk glasses or mugs
  • Wash any dishes and sanitize the sink
  • Empty and rinse coffee makers
  • Take lunch containers home
  • Unplug technology
  • Turn off the lights
  • Always wipe down counters after eating or preparing food



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