Desk Cable Management at Work

If you haven’t taken the time to organize your desk cables, chances are they’re a mess of tangled, drooping, unsightly cords. Desk cable management is a tedious job, but it’s one that’s worth the effort. When you organize your desk cables, you create a tidier space, free up desk real estate, and you prevent trips and falls.

Learn about the importance of desk cable management, including how to manage cables on desks, below desks, on walls, as well as the organizational products that can help.



The Importance of Desk Cable Management

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Productive Workspace

Having a clean and organized workspace contributes to productivity. No one wants to work more than they need to, and you certainly don’t want to spend a bunch of unproductive hours sitting behind a cluttered, unhappy desk. 

Clutter has been proven to contribute to procrastination, and a clear space that isn’t filled with clutter can reduce stress for yourself and those you work with. 

If you have a messy desk that’s gotten way out of hand, desk wire management is one way you can begin organizing your workspace. Or, if you already pride yourself on your clean desk, take a closer look at your desk cables. Are they as tidy and organized as the rest of your desk? Are they neatly flowing to a power source? Are they each labeled so that you know what cord belongs to which device?

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Danger! Danger!

Computer desk cable management isn’t just about style, it’s about safety too. Having a bunch of electrical cords out in the open is dangerous—especially in homes with pets and children. Even in an office setting, open or dangling cords can cause trips and falls in your workspace.

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Protect Your Cords

Keeping your cords tidy and organized protects your technology. When cords are pinched, stepped on, or twisted at odd angles, they are more likely to break or malfunction. Organized cable management will ensure all of your cords are protected and kept out of harm’s way.

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Know What’s What

Have you ever gone to unplug something only to realize you have no idea which plug you want? Then comes the unpleasant task of having to trace the path of the cord up to its source, trying to keep a finger on it the whole time so you don’t get lost as you head deeper into the unruly sea of tangled, mixed up cords. We’ve all been there. Cord labels solve this problem and make solving technical issues a little more manageable. 

Labeling your cords will tell you which cord belongs to which device, so you never need to dance around with your cables again. Router needs to be unplugged? No problem. Check the labels near your power source, and you’re good to go.

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Visitor-Friendly Space

An organized workspace looks professional. When clients or visitors enter your office, you want them to feel like they are in a space that’s well looked after. Your office is a representation of your brand, and it can be the first impression potential clients get of your business. Show office visitors they are welcome by taking the time to care for your workspace.

larry says

For more ideas about desk organization and cool things you can use on your desk, read our article: Ways to Organize Your Desk at Work (Or at Home).



How to Label Desk Cords

When you hide electrical cords, you still need to be able to access the plugs and know which cable belongs to each device. Labeling may feel like an annoying time suck initially, but it will save you time in the long run since you’ll never have to trace a cord to its source again. An organized labeling system is helpful for tech teams as well who may need access to your devices for updates, troubleshooting, or technical problems.

Cable labels are a versatile, inexpensive way to add organization to your office cord chaos.


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Multicolor Cable Labels

Colorful cable labels help you quickly identify which cord is which and they add a small pop of color to an otherwise boring string of cords. You can mix it up or choose to match all of your cord labels to your office branding. Guess which color we want in our office! 💙😉

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Plain Cable Labels

We get it—color isn't for everyone. There are plenty of plain cable labels available if you want your cords to blend in instead of stand out.

dotz labels

Dotz Cord Labels

Dotz Cord Identifiers use an icon system to help you easily recognize which cord belongs to which device. They work with traditional cables but are ideal for your smaller cords since they also provide stability at the base where cords are prone to breaking from being bent too often.



How to Hide Cords Under Desks

Your desk has limited real estate. A mess of cords on a desk takes up space you could be using for something special like a photo of your family or favorite Game of Thrones character. One way to manage cords is to have them immediately feed below your desk. This will save space up top and open up a number of under desk cable management options that are less visible. 

Get those cords off of your desk and out of your mind. When you hide wires under desks, you free up desk space without adding another object to your floor that someone could trip over.

cable tray

Under Desk Cable Tray

Cable trays store and guide your cables underneath your desk while keeping your cords out of sight. The minimalist design also provides a clean, uncluttered look if you don’t want your cords noticed at all. You can use multiple trays to guide all of your desk cords towards a power source.

cable basket

Under Desk Cable Basket

Cable baskets serve the same purpose, but generally have more space to accommodate all of your cords and power bars. They also have a more open look, which can leave room for airflow, but the downside is you’ll be able to see more of your cords if the underbelly of your desk is visible.



How to Hide Cords On Desks

If you need to hide cables on desk surfaces, there are some stylish options available that will organize your cords while keeping them out of sight. If the cables are going to be on your desk, at least make them look good to keep your workspace clean and distraction-free.

cable management box

Cable Management Box

A Cable Management Box holds all of your cords as well as a power bar while keeping everything out of sight. They ensure cords stay untangled and only take up a small amount of desk space. These boxes are great solutions for those who work from home since they keep power bars out of reach of children and pets. 

fancy cable box

Fancy Cable Management Box

If a plastic box on top of your desk just doesn’t cut it, there are plenty of stylized cable boxes with options that run the gamut from natural wood finishes to black stitched leather—really, there’s a product for every office style.



How to Hide Cords On Walls

Cables running along walls can look messy, and in a home office, they can be dangerous to have around pets and children. There are simple and cost-effective ways to cover up wall cords that you can install yourself. They look crisp, professional, and they’ll keep cables away from any tripping or chewing mishaps.

wall concealer

Wall Cable Concealer

Wall cable concealers are versatile and easy to install. You can run them vertically or horizontally to a power source and use corners to change direction as needed. They come in different subtle shades to conceal them from view, or you can paint them to match the color of your walls.



Creative Ways to Hide Cords

drawer cords

Hide Computer Cords Inside a Desk Drawer

Want to get those cords and power bars completely out of sight and out of mind? If your desk space allows, you can create a cord storing drawer that will protect, organize, and conceal all of your cords and charging devices.

tech organizer

Stick a Tech Organizer Under Your Desk

Tech accessory organizers come in all shapes and sizes and are easy to order online. Look for a flat one with enough space and stretchy sections to hold all of your cords. Simply mount the organizer underneath or on the side of your desk for a quick do-it-yourself cord organizer.



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