Huntsville Facebook Groups for Professionals

Facebook is a useful tool for networking with like-minded professionals in your area. Whether you are looking to pick the brain of someone in your field, want to support local small businesses, or would simply like to connect to other professionals in Huntsville, Facebook groups are a great and easy place to start your search. Let’s check out some of the best professional networking groups in Huntsville, Alabama.


 1. Huntsville Young Professionals

 Huntsville Young Professionals

First up, let’s talk about Huntsville Young Professionals. This is a public group that has over 4,000 members. HYP is a non-profit organization that is run by a board of volunteers. Their efforts ‘focus on connecting people to each other and engaging the community through civic, recreational, charitable and professional developmental opportunities.’

HYP hosts monthly get-togethers geared toward participants aged 21-40 all over Madison County to network and connect and to create a support system amongst people from different careers and backgrounds. There are no membership fees or dues to join in the fun and you are considered a member by just showing up and participating!

Some examples of the activities that Huntsville Young Professionals have done in the past range from “Sports Sundays” softball games, axe throwing, Happy Hours at local breweries, and even swing dancing. Be sure to join their Facebook group and check out their website ( to keep up the calendar of upcoming events!

2. Professionally Minded Huntsville

Professionally Minded Huntsville Graphics

Professionally Minded Huntsville is a growing group that wants “to cultivate engaging conversation amongst Huntsville’s business professionals.” Their goal is to share advice and best practices for professionals of all ages, ask relevant questions and brainstorm solutions, spark healthy debate, and create a safe and supportive space where colleagues can chat together about all things work-related.

PMH posts polls and questions about office/work related topics, and their platform is one to ask questions and discuss responses. They encourage different perspectives and backgrounds and want to challenge others to listen to diverse points of view.

 3. Huntsville Small Business Networking

Connect Logo

Next on the list is the Huntsville Small Business Networking (HSBN) group. This group has over 5000 members and is dedicated to bringing small businesses together to connect and support one another in Huntsville and the surrounding areas. Their website has an online vendor search feature that allows small businesses to add themselves to the online directory to be matched to anyone looking for services.

The Facebook group is very helpful when looking for recommendations for any kind of small business need, for promoting your own business, or for asking for help from other small business owners in town. Check out this group on Facebook or on their website to stay connected. 

 4. Mompreneurs of Huntsville


Mompreneurs of Huntsville is a Facebook group made up of and dedicated to supporting just that, Moms in Huntsville that are juggling careers and family.

“The struggle is REAL, but so worth it,” and through the Momprenuers of Huntsville group you’ll get support, advice, and encouragement all while being able to connect with other Mompreneurs like you that will truly understand your struggles and will help celebrate your triumphs!

This group is a private group and one that is not for self-promotion or solicitation. It takes a village, and these women want to be yours for support, guidance, and anything else you may need along the way. It is a group run by Momprenuers for Momprenuers. This group is a no negativity and no judgement zone. If you are a Momprenuer in the Huntsville area and you are searching for your tribe, this may be the right fit for you. 

 5. Downtown Huntsville, Inc. Members

 Downtown Huntsville, Inc. Members

Downtown Huntsville, Inc. Members group is for members of Downtown Huntsville Inc to network, communicate, and share upcoming events with each other. Downtown Huntsville is a tight knit group of small businesses that drive a lot of traffic to our beautiful downtown area. Through this group, members of DHI can post and coordinate events, keep in the loop with surrounding businesses, and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

DHI’s Member group is one of the smaller groups we will feature, simply because you have to be a downtown business and a member of DHI to be accepted to the group. If you have a business in or near downtown Huntsville and would like to be a part of this group to network and connect, find it on Facebook by searching Downtown Huntsville, Inc. Members.

There are so many amazing opportunities that can come along with finding like-minded individuals that share your professional goals and aspirations. Finding a tribe makes facing struggles at work so much less daunting knowing that you have a support system waiting in the wings to give you advice and help get you back on the right track.

And networking doesn’t always have to be all about work! Sometimes just getting together and understanding that we all need a break from the hustle is more important and beneficial than talking about work. Facebook makes it easy to connect and Huntsville Facebook groups are a great start to building a foundation of a strong professional support system.


Honorable mention to some of our local Huntsville professional groups that don’t have Facebook group pages but are still a great tool for networking and finding out more about Huntsville: Huntsville/Madison County Chamber, Huntsville Rotary Club, Rotary Club of Madison Alabama, Huntsville-Madison County Convention & Visitors Bureau, and The Catalyst Center for Business and Entrepreneurship.


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