7 Talented Freelance Graphic Designers in Huntsville

The images used to portray your business to the Huntsville, AL, community and the rest of the world should express your core identity. Fortunately, the area is home to many talented freelance graphic designers. These seven creative individuals have studied for years to enhance their creative abilities and have experience helping local businesses bring their brand and marketing ideas to life.


Lakeshia Wheeler at KeeKee360 Design

1. Lakeshia Wheeler at KeeKee360 Design

In the last 15 plus years, Lakeshia Wheeler—also known as KeeKee—has been stunning businesses in the Huntsville region with her solid graphic design, visual branding, and web marketing services. Her graphic design firm assists with everything from logos and flyers to websites and social media management. In addition to having experience with programs like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal, Lakeshia also has ample knowledge of commerce platforms, such as Shopify and Magento, for clients in need of selling goods and getting paid reliably.

During the initial consultation process, Lakeshia will determine your organization’s purpose and goals. She will use this information to craft a creative strategy for streamlining your company’s brand. Past clients have said her approach and sharp, quick-thinking skills are hard to match. Many have also stated that she regularly goes above and beyond what is expected, making her pricing more than fair.

KeeKee360 Design is located at 4904 Middleton Lane and open Monday-Friday from 9am-5pm. Give Lakeshia a call at (256) 468-6995, email her at info@keekee360design.com, or send her a message through her website. For the latest project news, follow her on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter

Shelsie Myles at Orange Web Graphic Design, LLC

2. Shelsie Myles at Orange Web Graphic Design, LLC

Any good freelance graphic designer knows their creativity is the most important tool at their disposal. At Orange Web Graphic Design, LLC, owner Shelsie Myles combines her unique artistic abilities with an organized, packaged approach. This helps clients quickly determine which products will best suit their immediate goal — whether that’s setting up a booth at an industry fair or making their entire business image cohesive and recognizable.

On top of her creative graphic design work, Shelsie is also a reputable web designer and branding expert. Clients have said she provides professional and reliable services, and there is rarely a challenge she isn’t up for. She can create websites and design branding from scratch or help to breathe life into a dated image.

Get in touch with Shelsie today about designing or overhauling your business image by filling out her website form or booking a consultation through Calendly. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news about her work.

Monica Yother at MY Designs Graphic Design & Illustration

3. Monica Yother at MY Designs Graphic Design & Illustration

For over 30 years, Monica Yother — the MY in MY Designs Graphic Design and Illustration — has been designing logos, book and music covers, advertisements, and websites for entrepreneurs and small businesses in the Huntsville, AL, area. Currently, Monica is based at Studio 127 at Lowe Mill ARTS and Entertainment. There you can discuss branding opportunities, take a workshop, or purchase some of her original art.

In addition to her award-winning graphic designs for clients like Huntsville Comic Con and the North Alabama Zoological Society, Monica also offers professional brand care packages that range in price from $30 to $550 per month. While she does provide custom website design, her DIY website program is available to those who want to build their own.

Call Monica Monday-Friday between 8am-5pm or Saturday 12pm-5pm to discuss your project. You can also book a free consultation anytime through her website and visit her studio during Lowe Mill A&E’s open hours. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram to see her latest project and event news.

Victoria Martin: Artin’ Martin Designs

4. Victoria Martin: Artin’ Martin Designs

A painter at heart, Victoria Martin at Artin’ Martin Designs uses her creative artistry skills to craft dazzling graphic designs for individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, and event promoters in Huntsville and surrounding areas. Although she is newer to freelance graphic design, she has already partnered with many local companies, including Eternitees Screen Printing, Decatur Swat, House of Brews, and Bliss Fit.

Whether you need a T-shirt, posters, or flyers for an upcoming event; a logo and labels for new products; or new branding for your company image, Victoria can help turn your imagination into reality. Her versatile skills as a painter and illustrator have also been useful for designing the occasional cookbook, postcard, video, and tattoo art. Clients highly recommended her work and state it is impressive and doesn’t disappoint.

Contact Victoria about redesigning your business logo or painting your pet by calling (256) 288-6050 or emailing ArtinMartinDesigns@gmail.com. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram to see her latest paintings and receive event and sale news.


5. BcoleArt

Photographer, marketing specialist, branding expert, and graphic designer: these are just a few of the titles the talented and hardworking BcoleArt wears. His dedication to details and great work ethic are why clients love working with him, and how he has managed to work with some of the biggest names in the hair and real estate business — as well as some prominent reality TV personnel.

Since graduating from A&M University with a focus in graphic design, BcoleArt has designed logos, flyers, and labels for entrepreneurs and businesses in Huntsville and across the country. His mesh of design, marketing, photography, and business knowledge have also come in handy for partnering with magazine owners and new product launches. Whatever your project, you can expect reliable communication, professionalism, and quality end results when you this talented freelance graphic designer.

Reach out today about your project by calling (256) 344-3055. You can also email at bcoleart@gmail.com. Also, follow him on Facebook and Instagram for the latest news.

Crisy Meschieri

6. Crisy Meschieri

There is very little, if nothing, freelance graphic designer Crisy Mechieri isn’t equipped to handle. She’s worked with a wide of range of big and small businesses in the Huntsville area, including shops: Porta Spot Quilts and Handmade with Ashley; local restaurants and coffee makers: Campus No. 805 and High Brew Coffee; and city staples: Von Braun Center and Huntsville Transit.

Clients come to Crisy for everything from complete brand development or overhaul, logo creation, and packaging designs to social graphics, T-shirts, campaign ads, posters, and postcards. However, creating and redesigning company mascots is her real bread and butter. Her unique blend of adorability and snark has made for some eye-catching characters like Tango and Kit.

Whether you are starting a new business and need a cohesive branding campaign or your old logo is looking a little dated, Crisy can help. She also offers graphic design training classes for those interested in learning Adobe® products and Illustrator®. Schedule a consultation or sign up for a class today by reaching out through her website contact form. Follow her on Instagram and to see her latest designs, or get one of her cute characters on a T-shirt or different apparel at TeePublic.

Jacki Gil Design

7. Jacki Gil Design

As a full-service graphic designer, Jacki Gil is ready and excited to help businesses and individuals with their company image or social presence. This North Alabama native’s whole world revolves around design. She assists businesses with their print and digital branding, working on everything from pamphlets and business cards to logos and advertisements. She also has experience helping small shops and big corporations overhaul their website and social media graphics in order to make a cohesive picture that’s easily recognizable by customers.

Besides her corporate work, Jacki likes designing apparel and product patterns. Some of her designs and printed products can even be purchased directly from her website. If you are getting married in the near future, also check out her side business Salt and Paperie. Here she offers custom wedding invitations, save-the-dates, and thank you cards. You can also purchase cute gifts for your wedding party.

Contact Jacki to improve your business’s design theme by emailing hello@jackigill.com or filling out her website contact form. You can also follow Jacki on Facebook and Instagram to get an idea of her work.

If you are a business owner, you already wear a lot of hats. While you could add graphic designer to the growing list of titles, it's often much easier to leave your company's images to a talented artist with years of design and technical training. These individuals can work with you to figure out the message you want to express to clients and customers and turn those ideas into eye-catching branding materials. With their help, you save a lot of time and have an identifiable brand on your website, social media pages, products, and printed advertisements and documents. 


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