2022 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Coworkers in Huntsville, AL

Valentine’s Day is upon us once again! This year, don’t forget to show your closest work friends how much you appreciate them. We visited a few of our favorite local Huntsville boutiques and picked out a selection of charming (and hilarious) gift ideas* so you can shop small while bringing big smiles to the office.


For the hard worker who sometimes girlbosses a little too close to the sun

Girlboss too close to the sun

Who’s always hustling for their next big break? These are the perfect feminine gifts for your favorite #ladyboss powerhouse.

ASAP notepad (Al Christopher, $6) • Little Words Project bracelets (Al Christopher, $20)  • Chez Gagné lined mini journals (Please Reply, $14 per pack of 3) • Demdaco ceramic photo frame (Pimento’s Stovehouse, $17.95)

For the busy caffeine addict with 12 cups on their desk


We all know someone with an endless half-empty cup collection on their desk. Don’t knock ‘em, join ‘em! Encourage their continued caffeine consumption with these thoughtful beverage-oriented gifts.

Huntsville City Scene coasters by Olivia Reed Photography (Harrison Brothers Hardware, $19.98) • You Got This ceramic mug (The Cottage Collective, $19.99) • “It’s too early for you to say things” To-Go Beverage Cups set (The Cottage Collective, $7.50) • Rose gold heart-shaped tea infuser (Sweet Pineapple, $14)

For the one who looks more ready for the runway than for work


There’s at least one fashionista in every office. Show that shopping queen how much you notice and appreciate their flawless hair, picture-perfect accessories, and possible credit card debt.

Kitsch Beauty Satin Pillowcase (The Cottage Collective, $19.95) • Retail therapy napkins (Walker’s Market, $5) • Le Pens (Please Reply, $2 each)

For the sarcastic one with an endless supply of quick-witted comebacks


What’s your favorite flavor of office humor – family-friendly, or NSFW? The sass never ends for that one spunky coworker (except in our office, it’s all of the coworkers).

Chez Gagné lined notepads (Please Reply, $10) • Salty ceramic plate (The Cottage Collective, $6) • Sarcastic socks (Ask for the socks with bad words hidden behind the counter at The Toy Place Downtown, $11.99-$12.99) • Parks and Recreation coloring book (Sweet Pineapple, $12)

For the boss (or just the bossy one)


“They” say workplace gift-giving should only flow from the top down, but for those on tight-knit teams, we know that rule doesn’t always apply. If your supervisor is more like a best friend than an overbearing micromanager, these gifts are for you.

The Huntsville Scribe (Al Christopher, $20) • Boss Oven Mitt (The Cottage Collective, $13.99) • Culture Shapers tear-and-share card set (Sweet Pineapple, $14)

For the one on your team you don’t really know anything about

Don't Know

Let’s face it, we’ve all got a work friend that makes great small talk, but is still somehow a mystery. Do you at least know who they pull for in the Iron Bowl? That’s a good place to start for shopping these “one-size-fits-all” gift ideas.

“Sweet Home” Alabama/Auburn cards (Harrison Brothers Hardware, $15.98) • Duke Cannon “Productivity wins the day!” soap (The Cottage Collective, $10.50) • Cheatin’ Heart beer can candle (Alabama Goods, $21.99) • Microbrewed Bluegrass Soy Sauce (Walker’s Market, $9)

For the team you want to treat, but alas you will *not* be spending $20 each


Whether you’re low on cash, out of time, or both, you can’t go wrong with sweet treats and desktop toys. How about some unique gourmet foods or tiny fidget-friendly delights?

Nye’s Cream Hand-Crafted Ice Cream Sandwiches (Walker’s Market, $6) • Mini Mad Mattr Mystery Pouch (The Toy Place Downtown, $1.99)

*Availability of the specific items shared in this post cannot be guaranteed. However, we encourage you to check out these great shops online or in person for similar gift ideas!


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