A Full Flap Guide to Remittance Envelopes

Remittance envelopes are the perfect combination of form and envelope. They take the best of both to make one handy tool that’s most commonly used for collecting money in the form of charitable donations. Read our remittance envelope guide for printing advice, envelope dimensions, a free remit envelope template, and more.

If you're just looking to grab a few remittance envelopes, look no further - we've got you covered.


What is a Remittance Envelope?

Remittance envelopes have a fancy name, but they are really quite simple. They get their name from the word remit, which means sending money in payment or as a gift. Remittance envelopes are also known as donation envelopes, as sending a donation is the primary use of remittance envelopes.

The envelopes feature sizable flaps, enabling them to be used as forms to collect personal or sensitive information. The form is printed on the inside flap so the information collected is hidden when the envelope is sealed. The traditional pocket of the envelope serves as added space to securely include money, a check, or additional paperwork.


Remittance envelopes are commonly used for

  • Money collection
  • Donations to charity
  • Church donations
  • Fundraising
  • Order forms

    larry says

    Remittance envelopes go by many different names. You may see them called fundraising envelopes, donation envelopes, or Kost Kut envelopes. If you're looking to buy some remittance envelopes, we've got you covered.


    Why Choose Remittance Envelopes?

    security icon


    A remittance envelope gives people added security when filling out personal information. They can fill out the custom form and seal the envelope themselves. Once a remittance envelope is sealed, the sender can rest assured no one will be able to see their information until the envelope is opened at its destination.

    convenience icon


    The main reason people use remittance envelopes is convenience. They’re an all-in-one tool to collect information along with other items. As many remittance envelopes are used for donations, whether that be to a religion or political party, they make it easy for donors to donate, as the donor only needs to remember to add the money.

    The more convenient you make filling out your form, the more likely people are to donate.

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    Cost Effective

    The all-in-one nature of remittance envelopes makes them a cost-effective method to gather information. Instead of mailing or giving out separate forms and envelopes, you can group the aspects together so you’re only paying for one item.

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    The choice is yours when it comes to remittance envelopes. Although generic templates are available, remittance envelopes allow for customization. Choose the questions you want to ask and add your own personal branding when designing your envelope.



    folded and perforated remittance envelopes

    Folded vs. Perforated

    There are two kinds of remittance envelopes: folded and 2-way.

    With folded remittance envelopes, the sender can write down their information on the flap and fold it, sealing the information inside. The flap containing personal information cannot be torn out.

    A 2-way remittance envelope comes with an extra page with a perforated edge. Senders and donors can write their information on the enclosed extra page, then tear it off and send it in the envelope along with their donation. 

    Both kinds of remittance envelopes are commonly used by charities, non-profit organizations, and political parties. 


    Remittance Envelope Printing

    light color icon

    Light Color

    When making printing decisions, choose an envelope color that’s light and easy on the eyes. Since people will need to fill out their information on the envelope, you need a light enough color or shade to see any writing clearly. White is most common because it will create the best contrast between paper and pen for added legibility.

    durable seal icon

    Durable Seal

    Because of the security aspect of remittance envelopes, choose an envelope with a good, reliable seal. People are trusting you with their personal information on the inside of the envelope flap. Make sure you choose a seal that will stay tightly closed. When selecting a business to purchase from, ask for samples before making a large order so that you can test the seal for durability.

    ✉️ There are many types of envelope seals! Learn more about seals in our article: A Lesson in the Different Types of Envelope Seals.

    dimensions icon


    When choosing the size of your envelope, take into consideration what you need to fit into the envelope portion. If you require people to add money to the envelope, ensure your dimensions are large enough for cash or a standard check. 


    ✉️ For more information on standard business envelope dimensions, check out our article Business Envelope Dimensions: 10 Common Envelope Sizes Used at the Office. Discover envelope dimension charts as well as uncommon envelope sizes used for QuickBooks checks, business forms, and taxes.


    Common Remittance Envelope Sizes

    Remittance envelopes come in a variety of sizes including a few standard dimensions. Two of the most common sizes are the #9 remittance envelope and the #6 3/4 remittance envelope. Use our chart below to compare envelope sizes so you can choose the one that’s best for your purposes. Dimensions for remittance envelopes are listed based on the closed (folded and sealed) size, since that’s the size of the envelope when it is returned or sent in the mail.


    Envelope Type Envelope Dimensions
    #6 3/4 remittance envelope 3 5/8 x 6 ½ closed
    #6 1/2 remittance envelope 4 1/4 x 6 ½ closed
    #6 1/4 remittance envelope 3 1/2 x 6 closed
    #9 remittance envelope 3 7/8 by 8 ⅞ closed
    #10 remittance envelope 4 1/8 x 9 ½ closed


    Size Matters

    Remember that remittance envelopes are smaller than standard #9 or #10 envelopes. Their smaller size keeps cash and checks snug inside, and also lets them fit into larger envelopes. This makes it easy to send out remittance envelopes for fundraising campaigns, requesting bill payments via invoices, and other financial efforts.

    Remittance Envelope Templates 

    You can customize a remittance envelope to meet your needs. This versatility is great for businesses and charities, but it can also be overwhelming. If you want a quick design, some printing companies offer free remittance envelope templates. Use a generic template if you don’t want to do any design work whatsoever, or start with a template to save yourself a bit of time. 

    Free remit envelope template

    Click here to download our free remittance envelope template!


    Fields and questions you might include:

    • Full name
    • Address
    • Phone number
    • Cell number
    • Email address (Ask: Can we add you to our mailing list?)
    • Preferred method of communication
    • Business name
    • Donation amount (option to include common amounts: $20, $50, $100)
    • Donation frequency (option to include common frequency: weekly, monthly, etc.)
    • Payment type
    • Credit or debit information
    • Signature


    Don’t forget to include:

    • Your business or charity name
    • Your business contact information
    • A logo (if possible)
    • Other ways of donating
    • A sincere thank you


    💗If you’re collecting money, don’t forget to say thank you. Whenever possible, make your thank you more personal by reminding donors where their donation will go and why it’s important.


    Compare Other Types of Envelopes

    baronial envelopes

    Baronial Envelopes

    A baronial envelope is your traditional, formal envelope. It features a large pointed flap and a deeper pocket. They are generally used for invitations, announcements, and greeting cards. Have you been invited to a formal party or wedding lately? It probably came in a baronial envelope.

    a-style envelopes

    A-Style Envelopes

    An a-style envelope commonly features a square flap. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors and have several different applications. They are often used for invitations, brochures, cards, and promotional materials.

    Commercial envelopes

    Commercial Envelopes

    Commercial envelopes are the favorite of businesses as they are manufactured for machine insertion. This makes them ideal for sending checks, invoices, or financial statements. You will sometimes see commercial envelopes referred to as ‘regular envelopes’ due to the prevalence of their use.

    security envelope

    Windowed / Security Envelopes

    Windowed envelopes are quite similar to commercial envelopes. They feature a window so the recipient or mail carrier can read select information, such as an address, on the item enclosed without having to open the envelope up right away. They are the most convenient and efficient way to send paychecks, invoices, business mailings, and bills. They come in a wide variety of sizes and colors. 

    💡Learn more about windowed envelopes (including how to use the window) with our guide What is a Security Envelope?

    bubble mailer icon

    Padded Envelopes and Bubble Mailers

    Padded envelopes and bubble mailers offer more security when shipping fragile or valuable items, such as jewelry, Blu Rays, or other electronic equipment. Padded envelopes are made with durable Kraft paper, and bubble mailers are lined with Bubble Wrap on the interior. The more fragile the item being shipped, the larger the bubbles should be.

    💡 Learn more in ourUltimate Guide to Bubble Mailer and Padded Envelope Sizes.

    booklet envelope

    Booklet Envelopes

    Booklet envelopes tend to be larger than your regular envelope, making them ideal for more heavy-duty mailings such as sales materials, year-end business reports, or anything that requires sending multiple documents at once. Booklet envelopes are suitable for automatic insertion equipment.

    catalog envelope

    Catalog Envelopes

    Catalog envelopes are ideal for—wait for it—catalogs! Catalog envelopes have a center seam, which makes them better suited to heavy-duty mailings. Their size also works well if you need to leave behind materials after a sales or business presentation, as they can safely hold multiple documents in the same envelope.


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