An Ultimate Guide to Poly Envelopes

So you need a poly envelope. Are you searching for a document folder, a binder envelope, an envelope with Bubble Wrap, or a plastic mailer? Wait, did we just confuse you even more?

Don’t worry—we’re here to help with our ultimate guide to poly envelopes.

Poly envelopes are most commonly used to store documents or to ship important items in a durable package. The polymer material poly envelopes are made from enables them to be produced in any color imaginable. This article will dig into the differences between poly envelope terminology, what to look for in a poly envelope, envelope sizes, and the types of closures that are available.


poly envelopes

What is a Poly Envelope?

Poly envelopes are made from polypropylene, which makes them lightweight and durable. Also known as polypropene, polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer that is used in a wide variety of applications. Since poly envelopes are not made with paper, they are resistant to moisture and tearing, and last longer than paper envelopes or folders.


Poly Envelope Terminology

The terminology for poly envelopes can get a little confusing. Technically, any envelope made from polypropylene could be considered a poly envelope, but that term covers a variety of products that have different uses.


poly envelopes

Poly Envelopes

If you are looking for an envelope to store paper and keep you organized, a poly document envelope is what you need. Poly envelopes are durable plastic folders that will keep your documents organized and safe from the elements. Most poly envelopes are transparent, allowing you to quickly see what you have stored in your envelopes without going to the trouble of opening them and removing the contents. A bonus to poly envelopes is that they’re easy to color-code since they are available in a wide variety of colors. This helps with efficient organization of work assignments or other important documents. Store your documents securely and find them just as easily with a poly envelope.

    binder poly envelopes

    Poly Envelopes For Binders

    Poly envelope pockets for binders are very similar to poly envelopes, but they have added binder loops so you can clip them into a standard binder. They come in a variety of shades so you can organize your documents by color. They can also add a pop of color to spice up your binder.

      poly bubble envelopes

      Poly Bubble Envelopes

      Poly bubble envelopes are not used for storing items. They are used to protect products during shipping. Poly bubble mailers are plastic with a Bubble Wrap interior and no paper exterior. The polymer bubbles give added protection for mailing delicate items such as jewelry, electronics, and CDs. The plastic exterior paired with Bubble Wrap ensures the contents of a package are protected from movement as well as moisture damage. They are usually equipped with a durable adhesive seal, which means you can only use them once.

      ✉️ We have a full Guide to Bubble Mailer and Padded Envelope Sizes that will help you choose the best shipping envelope. We include a short history of Bubble Wrap too—for those with an insatiable desire to pop tiny plastic bubbles.

        poly mailer

        Poly Mailers

        Poly mailers are also used to ship items. They are much thinner than bubble mailers since their interior is not lined with Bubble Wrap. Poly mailers protect items from moisture damage, but they do not have added padding for delicate or breakable items. If you are shipping valuables, you should opt for a poly bubble envelope for more protection. Poly mailers usually have a durable adhesive seal, so you can only use them once.



          poly envelope at home

          Use poly envelopes to organize your coupons and receipts. Source


          What to Look For in Poly Envelopes

          poly envelope colors


          One of the most significant features of any type of poly envelope is that its plastic material enables the envelopes to come in any color of the rainbow.

          When choosing a poly envelope for documents, consider how color can help you organize various document types. Use color to your advantage as an organizational tool. You can choose a different color for each client, color code by type of task, or sort by color based on urgency.

          When choosing a poly shipping envelope, consider how formal the shipment is. White, black, or other shades will present a more professional look. In contrast, bright colors will help your mailer stand out amongst other envelopes. You can use color to delight your customers when they receive your unique package. Ideally, choose a color that is inline with your current brand style guide.


            poly envelope closure


            When choosing a poly shipping envelope, you don’t need to worry about the type of clasp. Look for a durable adhesive seal.

            For poly envelopes that hold documents, there are a number of different closure options. When choosing a clasp, consider how durable it will be, the sound it will make, and your own personal preference. You may be one of those people who can’t stand the sound of velcro, in which case, you’ll want to avoid that type of closure for the sake of your own sanity.


              Poly Envelope Closure Options


              velcro closure

              Poly Envelopes With Velcro Closure

              Due to the loud sound velcro makes when it is pulled apart, a poly envelope with velcro may not be suitable for meetings. If you work in a quiet office, visit libraries, or attend formal meetings, you may want to select a less audible clasp. Velcro does provide a strong and durable seal, as long as you’re not tormented by the sound of it.

              snap closure

              Poly Envelopes With Snap Closure

              If you feel a sense of triumph every time you snap a button closed, poly envelopes with snap closure provide plenty of opportunities to clasp and unclasp buttons. The snap closure is not as loud as velcro, making it more ideal for professional meetings and other quiet spaces. The downside is that since they are usually made of plastic, if they break, there’s no easy way to fix them yourself.

              string closure

              Poly Envelopes With String Closure

              A poly envelope with string closure provides a simple and silent method for closing your envelopes. String closures are ideal for conferences or business presentations, as untying your string won’t disturb whoever is speaking. A string clasp may take longer to open each time, so if you need to get into your poly envelope often, or struggle with patience, you may want to look at other options.

              elastic closure

              Poly Envelopes With Elastic Closure

              A poly envelope with an elastic closure is also a simple and silent method for closing your envelopes. The elastic makes it quick and easy to open, which means it’s the ideal choice if you need to access your documents frequently. An elastic clasp is not an option if you are choosing a poly envelope designed for a binder.

              mailer adhesive closure

              Poly Envelopes With Adhesive (poly shipping envelopes only)

              Poly envelopes for shipping, including poly bubble envelopes and poly mailers, should have an adhesive seal.


              poly envelopes at school

              Use poly envelopes in the classroom to organize curriculum materials. Source


              Poly Envelope Sizes

              Poly envelopes come in one main size to fit standard A4 Size (8.5x11 inch) documents. You can find extra large poly envelopes that will store oversized documents or projects, but they are far less common.

              Our Blue Summit Poly Envelopemade for A4 documents is 13.25 x 9.25 inches.


              Common Poly Bubble Envelope Sizes and Uses 

              Exterior Size
              Useable Size
              Typical Usage

              12.5 in. x 19 in.

              12.5 in. x 18 in.

            • Large catalogs, photos, and reports
            • Extra-large items such as textbooks, toys, clothing, and stationary
            • 8.5 in. x 12 in.

              8.5 in. x 11 in.

            •  Unfolded mailings on 8-1/2 x 11 sheets of paper
            • Reports, catalogs, magazines, or journals
            • Larger items such as graphic novels and hardcover books
            • 7.5 in. x 11 in.

              7.5 in. x 10 in.

            • Midsize items such as DVDs, books, or photos
            • 6 in. x 10 in.

              6 in. x 9 in.

            • Midsize items such as Blu Rays, CDs, or photos
            • 4 in. x 8 in.

              4 in. x 7 in.

            • Small items such as jewelry, writing utensils, or phones


              recycle symbol

              Recycling Poly Envelopes

              You can use poly envelopes again and again since they are primarily used for storage and made with durable resealable clasps.

              Poly shipping envelopes, on the other hand, use an adhesive seal which is only suitable for one use. You can recycle your poly bubble mailers and poly mailers since they are made from one material. But before rushing to the recycle bin, consider how you could reuse your poly envelopesfor packaging or other craft projects.


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