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Rulers with 3 Hole Punch for Binder, 3 Pack

  • Save money when stocking up on bulk school supplies with our affordable, high-quality, 3 pack of 3 Hole Punches for Binders
  • This ruler with hole puncher pack is ideal for use in the classroom or at home for all manner of arts, crafts, and studying projects.
  • Our durable plastic and metal materials last longer, which makes them the ideal option for all classrooms, from elementary students and above.
  • These portable 3 hole punch for binders are designed to be used in the classroom and at home, when you need to quickly measure or add holes to a project.
  • This bundle’s ruler and hole puncher, in a set of three, ensures you’ll be well-stocked for your students’ or children’s needs


Brighten up your binder, classroom, or craft room with our portable three hole puncher for binder. Includes three, this ruler with hole puncher will help you measure, draw straight lines, or quickly add holes for papers and projects you can’t afford to lose.

Our 3-piece kit will help get you through the school year. This 3 hole punch for binder are perfect school supplies.

This kit is a set of three to help you save money and makes it easy to stock up on school supplies for long stretches of time. The set comes with a ruler with hole puncher in clear, black, and teal, and make these ideal for classroom or at-home use.

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Key Features:

  • Kit includes three portable 3 hole punches for binders
  • Clear plastic ruler attached for easy, accurate measuring.
  • Package quantity: Set of 3

Product Details:

  • Brand: Blue Summit Supplies
  • Part #: BSS-92588-784
  • Barcode: X002CSP4K5
  • Package dimensions: 
  • Package weight: