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Classification Folders with 3 Dividers, Letter Size, Light Blue, 10 Count

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  • Rely on the durable metal prongs of our pressboard classification folders with fasteners to fasten medical charts and office files without fear of the prongs breaking off or coming detached with repeated use.
  • Each of our light blue classification folders are ideal for storing hundreds of bulky files and papers with their durable 8-section construction, made of thick 25 pt light blue pressboard, 17 pt kraft paper dividers, and a strong 2” Tyvek expansion on the spine.
  • A pressboard classification folder is perfect for quickly and efficiently organizing your standard letter-size client files, medical patient files, and office files.
  • Our light blue folders are perfect for creating or expanding a color-coded filing system in your classroom, law office, or business office. With a 1/3 cut top tab for labels and 3 dividers, our extra-large classification folders feature 8 sections perfect for expanding to hold high volumes of paperwork.


A busy office environment calls for durable folders able to withstand the wear and tear of daily use while still performing their basic functions. Our classification folders are designed to handle any office environment, standing up to rugged use thanks to their durable 25 pt pressboard construction, 17 pt Kraft paper dividers, 2” Tyvek expansions, and embedded 2-prong fasteners. The fasteners are durably made to withstand repeated use without weakening.

Our light blue 3-divider classification folders are made to hold hundreds of letter-size paper files in 8 roomy sections thanks to our thick pressboard and paper stock with 2” Tyvek expansion. Save time by easily adding and removing files using our embedded metal fasteners. Plus, the light blue paper stock is designed for use with any color-coded filing system and looks great in your classroom or office.

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Key Features:

  • Letter-size classification fastener folders
  • Durable colored pressboard
  • 3 dividers, 8 sections
  • 2-inch Tyvek expansion
  • Light blue
  • Product count: 10


  • Labels are NOT included with these folders.
  • These are TOP tab folders and will not work with an end tab filing system. Please refer to photo for formatting of the top tab.
  • These file folders are intended specifically for use with standard LETTER size documents and filing cabinets. They are not legal size.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Blue Summit Supplies
  • Part #: BSS-92588-1075
  • SKU: BSS-92588-1075
  • Barcode: X002BK3H9T
  • Package dimensions: 12.1 x 10.3 x 1.9 in
  • Package weight: 3.5lb