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Heavy Duty Black Duct Tape, 3 Pack

  • Use our super strong, tear-by-hand black duct tape to tape just about anything. The tape is made with a strong rubber adhesive and has a thick, 7mil design. This sturdiness prevents crinkling and bunching after the tape is pulled away from the roll.
  • Our large 3-roll value pack of 60-yard length rolls is perfect for big jobs or stocking up on a long-lasting supply for your toolbox, warehouse, or garage.
  • Fix anything around the house in a pinch with our black duct tape. Its easy tear-by-hand design with waterproof adhesive sticks to almost any surface including wood, concrete, plaster, and more, and is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Great for commercial and contractor jobs, our thick heavy-duty tape features a strong commercial-grade adhesive and is a standard 1.88” width.
  • Packing and moving boxes? We’ve got you covered. Unlike standard packaging tape, this tape easily tears off the roll, and the rubber adhesive is stronger than even heavy-duty packaging tape.


Fix just about anything with our multipurpose, heavy-duty black duct tape. If you’re responsible for a home, office, or warehouse, you’re familiar with everyday wear and tear that needs mending. Our multipurpose duct tape can serve as a quick (or long term) fix for almost anything, and our unique value pack of three 60-yard rolls means you’ll always have a roll on hand for repair jobs that crop up.

Our strong adhesive is waterproof and adheres to almost anything around your office including wood, concrete, and plastic, meaning you can use it to repair anything from dryer vents to shovels to leaky pipes.

Our black duct tape is perfectly designed for your home and office needs. It’s strong enough to securely handle heavy-duty jobs but thin enough so you can quickly and easily apply it without wrinkling or creasing. Tear the tape straight off the role by hand thanks to the cloth-style backing.

Save time and money with our large 3-roll value back, featuring 60 yards of tape per roll for a total of 180 yards.

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Key Features:

  • Heavy-duty waterproof-adhesive duct tape
  • 7mil
  • 1.88” wide
  • Black
  • 3 60-yard rolls of duct tape for a total of 180 yards of duct tape

Product Details:

  • Brand: Blue Summit Supplies
  • Part #: BSS-92588-418
  • SKU: BSS-92588-418
  • Barcode: X0029Q5G87
  • Package dimensions: 5.7 x 5.4 x 5.4 inches
  • Package weight: 3.2 lb