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#12 Envelopes, Manila, Gummed Seal, 11” x 4.75”, 500 Count

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  • Measuring 4.75in x 11in, our #12 envelopes are made of 24lb kraft paper, the same material as standard manila brown kraft catalog envelopes.  
  • Flexible but sturdy, these oversized envelopes will offer more strength and durability and hold more than your standard envelope.
  • Offers just the right amount of opacity to provide privacy and security for correspondence of any kind.
  • Perfect for bulk mailing, shipping small sample products, personal notes, invitations, announcements, tax forms, checks, receipts or any business document.  
  • Features a smooth, high-quality and natural finish with a gummed adhesive flap. Easily activated by moisture, the gummed kraft envelope creates the most secure seal that won’t pop open during transit. 
  • Compatible with standard inkjet and laser printers for stress-free and easy address labeling.


These oversized brown kraft envelopes will go beyond your expectations for a standard envelope and provide you the kind of container you need to mail or transfer your documents safely and securely.

Featuring a gummed flap that is easy to seal with just a little bit of moisture. No tape needed! They will give you confidence that your correspondence can go the distance and won’t open as it travels from your hands to its final destination.

Kraft paper is famously more muscular in stature than paper of less poundage. 24lb of kraft paper heftiness will better protect whatever you decide to stuff in your envelopes (that’s your business).

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Key Features:

  • #12 manila envelope
  • Dimensions: 11” x 4.75”
  • 24 lb kraft paper
  • Gummed seal
  • Package quantity: 500 Count


Product Details:

  • Brand: Blue Summit Supplies
  • Part #: BSS-92588-041
  • SKU: BSS-92588-041
  • Barcode: X002T5LV2B
  • Package dimensions: 12 x 11.125 x 11.75 inches
  • Package weight: 9 pounds