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1099 MISC Tax Form Envelopes, Gummed Seal, 50 Count

  • Perfectly fits your computer-printed 1099 MISC forms from QuickBooks or similar accounting software. Your 1099 MISC COPY B and COPY C forms will slide in with ease. NOT FOR QUICKBOOKS ONLINE.
  • Recipient and return address will show perfectly in our unique double window design. No need to worry about your personal tax identical number or other personal information showing through the envelope windows.
  • Provides complete tax form security. Your 1099-MISC forms will be hidden with our black security tint design.
  • Your contents will stay safely sealed during transit with our strong gummed adhesive and unique tapered gummed flap design.
  • Maintains professional look and feel throughout transit with our durable 24 lb white woven envelope paper


Finding envelopes to fit your printed 1099 forms can be tricky. Some will show the recipient’s address but not the sender’s address, while others will hide parts of the addresses or worse, parts of the tax form like the personal tax number. When security is of utmost importance, these little slip-ups aren’t acceptable.

Our 1099 tax envelopes have a unique bottom-window design so your personal info stays hidden, and our windows are positioned to line up perfectly with both addresses. There is NO NEED to reformat your software. Our bottom window is located 1½” from the bottom, with a window height of 17/16” to prevent the federal tax identification number from showing. This bottom window is 0.5” from the left side with a window width of 33/8“ to guarantee your recipient’s address will be visible without any Quickbooks reformatting. Just print and slide the form in to our secure, professional 1099 tax envelope.

Part #: BSS-92588-022

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Key Features:

  • MISC 1099 Tax Envelope, Suitable for Printed 1099 Laser Forms
  • Dimensions: 55/8inches x 9 inches
  • Security lining
  • 24lb white wove paper
  • Package quantity: 50 Count


  • This envelope is equipped with a gummed envelope seal, which means it must be moistened in order to form a seal.
  • This envelope is NOT suitable for Quickbooks Online.

Product Details:

  • Brand: Blue Summit Supplies
  • Part #: BSS-92588-022
  • Barcode: X001LT7F67
  • Package dimensions: 9.1 x 5.8 x 0.9 inches
  • Package weight: 12.6 ounces