Kids' Scissors Care Guide & Free Downloads 


Scissors Cleaning & Maintenance Tips 

Note: Please use caution while cleaning and sharpening scissors to avoid cutting yourself!

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clean handles

How to clean the plastic handles:

Clean plastic handles using white vinegar or dish soap. If using soap, carefully rinse away the cleanser away with plain water. Avoid getting soap and water onto the scissor blades.



clean blades

How to clean the metal blades:

It is not recommended that you use soap or water on the metal blades of your scissors. Instead, our recommended cleaning agents for scissor blades include:

  • Baby oil
  • All-purpose sewing machine oil
  • Nail polish remover
  • White vinegar

To clean scissor blades, brush off the metal with a toothbrush to loosen the residue. Then pour a small amount of your chosen cleaning agent onto a paper towel or cotton cloth. Carefully rub the paper towel or cotton cloth over the scissors blades, also working it into the small crevices near the handle.

For extra thick or stubborn residue, soak the scissors in white vinegar for 20-30 minutes. Then, use a paper towel or cotton cloth to wipe away the residue.



sharpen scissors

How to sharpen scissors:

To sharpen scissors, fold a piece of aluminum foil in half 2 times. Then, cut through the layers of aluminum foil repeatedly. This will help smooth and sharpen the blades of your scissors so they work like new.





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