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Installation Guide: Wood Frame Corkboards


Instructions for Part #'s: Materials Needed:

BSS-92588-752 – 24" x 36" Natural Wood Frame Corkboard
BSS-92588-753 – 24" x 36" Black Wood Frame Corkboard
BSS-92588-754 – 36" x 48" Natural Wood Frame Corkboard

2 drywall anchors (included)
2 screws (included)
2 Z-clip hangers (included)
Phillips head screwdriver

PDF Click here to download a printer-friendly PDF version of these instructions.



Step 1

Determine placement of corkboard on the wall, noting that it will ultimately hang from the metal hanging brackets along the top back edge of the frame.


Step 2

Using a level, make 2 pencil marks on the wall where your hangers will go, approximately 12-18" apart.


Whiteboard Installation - Drill Holes

Step 3

Set board aside. Pre-drill holes for the plastic wall anchors at pencil marks using a 3/16" drill bit.


Whiteboard Installation - Drywall Anchor

Step 4

Install the plastic wall anchors by hammering them into the pre-drilled holes until they are flush with the wall.


Step 5

Install the metal hangers by screwing them into the plastic anchors, with the bent edge of the hanger aligned to the top.


Step 6

Hang the corkboard on the metal hangers by sliding the bent edge of the metal hangers inside the top back edge of the wooden frame.