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Installation Guide: Aluminum Frame Whiteboards and Combination Boards


Instructions for Part #'s: Materials Needed:

BSS-92588-748 – 24" x 36" Aluminum Frame Whiteboard
BSS-92588-749 – 36" x 48" Aluminum Frame Whiteboard
BSS-92588-755 – 24" x 36" Aluminum Frame Combination Board
BSS-92588-756 – 36" x 48" Aluminum Frame Combination Board

2 drywall anchors (included)
2 screws (included)
Phillips head screwdriver

PDF Click here to download a printer-friendly PDF version of these instructions.



Whiteboard Installation - Remove Cap

Step 1

Remove plastic corner caps and set aside.


Whiteboard Installation - Mark Holes

Step 2

Using a level to determine good placement, mark drilling holes onto the wall through the top hole of each corner with a pencil.

(Note: There are 2 holes in each corner to make it easy to hang your board either horizontally or vertically. However, it is not necessary to use both holes during installation – only the top hole.)


Whiteboard Installation - Drill Holes

Step 3

Set board aside. Pre-drill holes for the plastic wall anchors at pencil marks using a 3/16" drill bit.


Whiteboard Installation - Drywall Anchor

Step 4

Install the plastic wall anchors by hammering them into the pre-drilled holes until they are flush with the wall.


Whiteboard Installation - Screw In

Step 5

Reposition the board so that the top corner holes are positioned over the plastic wall anchors. Insert screws through the holes and screw each in place into its corresponding wall anchor.


Whiteboard Installation - Replace Caps

Step 6

Snap the plastic covers back onto the corners. Attach the marker tray onto the bottom edge of the whiteboard, using a rubber mallet or hammer to gently tap it into place from underneath.