Easy-to-Understand E-file Resources for Tax Season

Within a few years, e-filing will be mandatory for nearly all businesses. So what should small businesses know about filing their taxes electronically, and how can you get started today? We've got the answers to help clear away your confusion.


how to file taxes

How to Efile: An Overview

In this thorough review from CPA Amy Northard, we review the nuts and bolts of electronic filing: What it is, who can and should be doing it, what it costs, and just how you can go about doing it. Plus, Northard covers some frequently asked questions, such as how long it will take to get your refund if you efile, whether you can efile late, and if it's safe.

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how to e-file 1099s

How to E-file 1099s

Efiling tax forms is increasing in popularity due to its simplicity and the demand from the government for people and businesses to switch to efiled forms. There are many benefits to efiling that we’ll outline in this article. Plus, we’ll explain how to efile 1099s so you can begin accessing the benefits of efiling this tax season.

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how to e-file w2s

How to E-file W2s

If you’re an employer with steady employees, you are required to file a W2 for each of your employees. As per IRS requirements, employers must record an employee’s tax, wage, and salary information to be reported on a W2 form each year. In this post, we’ll explain how to efile W2s and outline the benefits of efiling.

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e-file plat form blue summit supplies

E-file online with BSS

Our streamlined, all-inclusive service lets you file your annual tax reporting forms in record time. Fill out the payer and recipient information with our easy-to-use interface, and we handle the rest – from e-filing to printing and mailing.

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