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VMI Dispenser Program Enrollment Agreement

Welcome to the Blue Summit Supplies Dispenser Program!
Official enrollment in the Dispenser Program is dependent up on the completion of this agreement by a representative of your business. Please read carefully to understand the terms and conditions of the program that you are agreeing to.


Program Definition

  • Receive free dispensers and free dispenser installation when you take advantage of our free vendor managed inventory service on compatible consumables. Program enrollment requires a one-year term commitment in the program, with at least one order of compatible consumables per month.
  • No substitutions may be made to dispensers or compatible consumables not included in the Dispenser Program. The program is only applicable to the following dispensers and compatible consumable goods: GPC54338A, KCC09996, SJMT8000TBK, SJMT1750TBK, SJMR4000TBK, GPC59009, SJMR3500TBK, 712S900TBK, 712SH900TBK, RCP1793546, J4200, J5000, J5700, J5800, GJO21100, GJO03109, 690FG402470, 690FG402471.
  • Inventory checks and needed quantities will be arranged for a predetermined date and time range. You may choose to have VMI checks occur as frequently as once per week, or as little as once per month. While we will do our best to accommodate your schedule and avoid any disruption, but please note that specific times are set by our team to perform these inventory checks and those times may not be flexible.
  • Following an inventory check, you will be contacted by our team to confirm the order. If confirmation or changes are not received within 2 business days (48 hours), we will automatically place the order as stated. Changes are permitted to the inventory levels on each order; however, at least one order per month should be placed to be considered a program participant in good standing.
  • Please note, our drivers do not carry extra inventory in their delivery vehicles. Delivery of consumable goods will not occur until after an order has been placed following the inventory check, and delivery will follow our standard same-day or next-day timelines.
  • Please visit our website or reach out directly to place an additional order outside of your regular VMI inventory check cadence.


Program Enrollment & Termination

  • Your enrollment in the Program will commence upon the submission of this agreement and will last for a period of 12 months starting from the date of submission.
  • This agreement may be submitted digitally or signed via hard copy.
  • Following the 12-month period, you may choose to extend your enrollment in the program on an annual basis. At that time, a new agreement will be provided to extend your enrollment which may contain updates that differ from this agreement.
  • We understand that business needs may change over the course of a year. As such, your membership in the program may be terminated by either party at any time. Should you, the participant, choose to end your enrollment in the program, a $100 administrative fee will be invoiced to your account, along with the cost of goods for each dispenser installed in your place of business. An itemized cost of goods sold may be provided at your request.
  • Enrollment in the program may be terminated by our team under certain circumstances, such as regular orders not being placed at an adequate supply level to be considered a enrollment in good standing. After two months pass without any orders, your enrollment in the program will be terminated and the aforementioned cancelation fees will be invoiced to your account.
  • Upon expiration, or cancelation, or termination of your enrollment in the Program, the dispensers are yours to keep and may remain installed at your place of business at your own discretion. It is our promise that dispensers will not be removed or discarded by the Blue Summit Supplies team upon termination of program enrollment, provided that either A) enrollment in the 12-month agreement has been completed satisfactorily, or B) the invoiced $100 fee plus cost of dispenser goods has been paid in full.


Dispenser Replacements

  • Any malfunctioning dispensers may be replaced and installed by our team, free of charge for both dispenser and service.
  • Blue Summit Supplies is not responsible for broken dispensers caused by mishap or rough use. However, we are happy to arrange for replacement dispensers to be installed at cost of goods. Installation can also be arranged for an added fee, which will be invoiced equal to our cost of service. An estimate of dispenser and installation cost can be provided upon request.