Loading Instructions: Effortless Stapler

Instructions for Part #'s:

BSS-92588-771 – Effortless Stapler

How to Load your Effortless Stapler:

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Step 1

Place the stapler on a flat surface. Press down on the orange button labeled “PUSH” located on the back of the stapler. This will cause the stapler slide mechanism to release and jut out. If needed, pull the stapler slide mechanism out all the way until it catches to provide more room to insert staples.

Step 2

Insert a strip of staples onto the stapler slide so that the stapler legs are inserted into each side of the carrier.

Step 3

Push the slide mechanism all the way back into the stapler hammer until you hear it click into place. Your stapler is ready to use!

A Few Tips

This stapler is designed for stapling up to 60 sheets of paper. It is best to use staples sized for the number of sheets you are stapling regardless of stapler capability. We have enclosed 2,000 staples sized 23/10, which are designed for stapling 35-60 sheets of paper. For smaller quantities, we recommend using shorter staple sizes as designated in the following chart.


  • Do not staple without staples, or attempt to staple more than 60 sheets of paper at one time. This stapler does not open flat for tacking items onto the wall.
  • This stapler features an anvil plate with standard clinching only. The anvil on this stapler cannot be rotated.