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Admin Hour Podcast

Hey, office managers and administrative professionals - we want to hear your good news!

Our upcoming podcast, the Admin Hour podcast, needs you to make it great.

We want to hear about how you've been killin' it at the game lately so we can feature your latest wins in our good news segment.

Submit yours below using just your first name and last initial, and it could be featured on the podcast!


What are we looking for? Here are some examples of previous wins:

"I got our office single use plastics down by 40% in our last quarter! Our employees barely noticed us taking away their favorite beverages because we replaced them with even better options." - Ellie G.

"I created a throwback Thursday picture contest to increase engagement while WFH. It’s been very well received and there’s a friendly competition going!" - Brittanny S.

"I took on college recruitment this year and rolled out a new virtual internship program. We successfully completed our first day of intern orientation today!" - Nicole J.