Loading Instructions: Standup Stapler

Instructions for Part #'s:

BSS-92588-774 – 2-Pack Standup Stapler

How to Load your Standup Stapler:

PDFClick here to download a printer-friendly PDF version of these instructions. 

Step 1

Place the stapler on a flat surface and hold the front end of the base firmly with one hand. Pull the top of the stapler handle up and back to reveal the stapler carrier. (You will feel a slight ‘pop’ as the handle releases from the carrier.)

Step 2

Continue pulling the handle all the way back until the stapler is laying open without assistance at a nearly 135-degree angle.

Step 3

Insert a strip of staples into the stapler cartridge with the legs facing down.

Step 4

Close the stapler handle by folding it back down into place over the carrier. To secure the handle in place, gently squeeze the handle and the carrier together. You will hear a light click as they catch.

To rotate the anvil and switch between clinching styles, use your fingertips to grip the anvil on either side to lift and rotate the anvil 180 degrees until it pops back down into place.

A Few Tips

This stapler is designed for stapling up to 20 sheets of paper. We have enclosed 2,000 staples sized 26/6, which is ideal for stapling 2-20 sheets of paper.

NOTE: Do not staple without staples or attempt to staple more than 20 sheets of paper at one time. This stapler does not open flat for tacking items onto a wall or corkboard.